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3400 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77005


Rawfully Organic is here to help support our Houston community through these tough times.

Our goal is to bring as much fresh, local, and organic fruits and vegetables to families as possible, not only helping to support our local farmers, but also the greater health of our city. We understand that these times are unprecedented, and we will do our part to help as much as we can. Drive-through pick-ups only will be available until further notice.



Local Green Leaf Lettuce

Local Green or Red Kale

Local Collards

Local Cabbage

Local Rainbow Chard

Local Golden Beets

Local Romaine Lettuce

Local Carrots

Local Red or Yellow Onions



Fuji Apples

Granny Smith



Limes or Lemons


Please note: all produce is subject to change based upon availability. If something isn't available, we will do our best to replace it with something of equal taste or value. Also, our goal is to get you as much local produce as possible.


Wednesday & Saturday’s location is in a parking lot of a red brick building. It is located at:

3400 Bissonnet,
Houston, TX  77005

We will be creating a drive-through line, so please be prepared to stay in your car and only come out to load your box. Our volunteers will not come within 6 feet of you and will be wearing gloves and masks. Kristina and a few others will be managing check-outs from mobile devices and will be keeping distance as well. On bad weather days, you will find us in the parking garage underneath the building. Follow the signs.

Produce pickup time is from 11 AM to 3 PM



Please note, you might receive an email from Kristina designating a pick-up hour to come as to spread out pick-ups as much as possible.

If you cannot make it in time, please be sure to let us know to save your box by emailing [email protected]. Otherwise, your box will be donated to a local family, shelter, or organization.

We will be creating a drive-through line, so please be prepared to stay in your car and only come out to load your box. Our team will not come within 6 feet of you and will be wearing gloves and masks. You will be checked-out from mobile devices. You will have the option to roll down your window and give us your name, or you can place your name on a paper sheet on your dashboard for us to see.

On bad weather days, you will find us in the parking garage underneath the building. Follow the signs.

Please note, you might receive an email from Kristina designating a pick-up hour to come as to spread out pick-ups as much as possible.

There will be no hugs or physical contact. No volunteers. It will be a drive-through pick-up only. All orders must be placed online beforehand as well to reserve your box. There will be no extra item shopping or swaps. Food safety is of utmost importance. The boxes will be pre-sorted by the farm and distributor and only half-shares will be offered. If you're looking to get extra abundance, we recommend purchasing multiple boxes. Neighborhood pick-ups are allowed.

Also, due to the current sensitive circumstances, once you drive away from the parking lot with your box of produce, no returns and no refunds will be issued.

Officials are just announcing to stay away from grocery stores, and we believe Rawfully Organic is much needed right now. For those who want organic produce and who don't want to go to the grocery store, this is the BEST option. The food is sent straight from the farms to YOU.


Rawfully Organic is a produce co-operative, or a community of individuals and families that come together to share in seasonal foods and to work together to create a better balance of peace and harmony for all. Rawfully Organic has been closed for nearly four years, and it's re-opening for a small window of time to help feed Houston families during this current health crisis. While the co-op will not be run the same as before (no shopping or hugs), we will still provide the same value as before. We will be offering a drive-through pick up with no contact to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The boxes are called “shares” because we buy the food in bulk, and we split it amongst everyone. Because it is seasonal and because it is a co-operative, people will not always receive exactly what they want or in the quantities they want. It is learning to share what’s available and be cooperative. The best joys come from being creative with the unexpected surprises in your box and being able to share the most delicious and healthiest of foods with your friends and family!

EVERYTHING is certified organic, and we try to get as much produce from our local, organic, Texas farmers that we can. Our main source for local produce is from Gundermann Acres in Wharton, Tx. If they are not growing enough or are in a transition period between seasons, we depend on the distributor to bring us year-round variety.

The co-op is based on the premise of buying organic produce at wholesale cost to save, to create community, and to support local farmers.

Please note that REAL organic food is much different than what you will find in the stores. Sometimes it looks uglier, and sometimes it shines like the sun. Either way, it always has a stronger and more delicious taste! The produce may have dirt on it, but you can easily wash it off. There are also times when you may have some bugs or caterpillars in your food. This is normal! You want your food to be grown in the dirt! In the natural world, we are not the only ones who eat fruits and veggies. Nature is there for all to enjoy. Real food may have these elements of surprise. I promise, your food is not infested…this is natural. 😉 Welcome to organic!

Please remember that the more shares that we have that day, the more abundance we will have. We buy as much from local, organic farmers as we can and with what they have available. The more that we buy from them, the more they can produce. The more they produce, the more we can support them!

There are SEVERAL reasons to buy organic, many having to do with not depleting our nature’s soil. Organic produce has 3x the amount of nutrients contained in non-organic produce. One person must eat 21 conventionally-grown oranges to get the same amount of nutrition contained in 7 organic oranges. Not to mention, they ALWAYS taste better! After a while, you will be able to even taste the difference in non-organic bananas and ours. YES! We also want to support sustainable practices, and when we put our dollars toward sustainable, that is exactly what we will create more of in the world! Lettuce create abundance!

We are registered with the State of Texas as a certified non-profit, but we are not approved for tax-exemption because we are not a strictly charitable organization. What makes our co-op so incredibly special is that we are volunteer-driven, and any extra costs are used to cover the shares, the website, the trailer, equipment, etc. It quickly becomes apparent that your box is a STEAL when you see the number of fruits and veggies that are offered inside. We all work our hardest to always give you the BEST possible deals in terms of quality and price. We all offer our time and efforts because we BELIEVE in this message and because we wish to spread this joy to all. Many who come have found a haven in this co-op, and its purity is what keeps it alive.

Rawfully Organic is the creation and vision of Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. Please see her bio here, and please visit her sister site to Rawfully Organic at FullyRaw (www.fullyraw.com).

The co-op is different from a CSA in the sense that we are not one local farm that provides for a group of people each growing season. We are a co-operative community where we buy from many different organic farmers at bulk prices, and we split the shares so that we all get an abundance of raw, fresh, ripe, organic, and local produce at the best wholesale prices possible. Think of it as a really awesome buying club! We also get a wider variety of fruits and vegetables because we are buying from more than one source. In addition, we support more than one organic or local farmer. You are not required to buy by the week or the season. You reserve a share whenever you want. The co-op is all about having fun with your food, learning to eat more raw foods, regaining health, saving money, and enjoying community along the way!

If you reserve your box online and do not show up, you are still required to pay. A HUGE amount of trust is given to everyone in that if they reserve their box, they are expected to pick-up the day they reserved for. We try to establish a safe community built on honesty and appreciation. We order exactly the amount of food that we need for the day, so anyone who does not pick up will not be allowed to switch days. Also, because of the current COVID-19 situation, no switch-outs or refunds will be available after produce is picked up.

The cut off time to order is by 10 PM the night before. If you forgot to order and realize this the day of co-op, please email [email protected] to check on availability.

Each week, an email newsletter is sent out that gives words of inspiration, recipes, and potential availability of items for the shares. To sign up, simply sign-up at www.fullyraw.com

At the moment, we are not taking groups of volunteers. Only a select few including the farmers and distributors will be helping. Due to the social distancing guidelines for COVID-19, we are only allowed less than 10 volunteers at a time. Therefore, please email us if you'd like to be of some help at [email protected].

There are no membership fees! Everything is included in the $48.75. Please know the boxes are priced at $47, and $1.75 is the tax value-added. The boxes are budgeted according to value, and all extra donations are used to help cover the expenses of making the co-op function (tents, gas, lanterns, food, trailers, etc.)

Because of the current circumstances, we are taking things on a day-by-day basis, and we ask that you stay tuned to our website and email newsletter. At the moment, we are thinking of hosting a co-op once a week. This might change based upon orders and demand.

Rawfully Organic is based upon the premise of eating a 100% raw food or vegan lifestyle. Life comes from the purity and simplicity of these healthy, raw foods. The co-op aims to offer abundant amounts of produce that allow one to succeed in a 100% raw food lifestyle. We do not offer any meat or dairy products. Of course, not everyone in the co-op is a raw food vegan; however, everyone comes to appreciate the fresh, goodness of this organic and local food. Many try to improve their health, many come for the tastes, and many come to be a part of the community. ALL are welcome.

Pre-orders must be placed for drive-through pick-ups and paid for with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted). Everything must be pre-paid.

Rawfully Organic used to offer a shopping option to add extras to our shares. Because of COVID-19 and the social distancing guidelines, we will not be offering extra shopping options. We encourage you to simply order more than one box or email us for full case purchases at [email protected].



Loved the co-op & Kristina. Wished I had supported it more fully the past few years. Not sure from video exactly what happened to cause the closing but I wish/believe Kristina will reinvent herself with even more healthy & healing businesses. Her message & passion is needed. God bless.

-Beverly Elam

Love love love. Awesome people doing local good.

-Anna McClure

The people in Houston are totally Blessed to be able to have Rawfully Organic Co-op!

-Pam Barron

Love this co-op!!! Very friendly people and great quality fruits and veggies.

-Elly McFly

Kristina, love your recipes! I'm slowly turning my family into raw vegans. First time in one of your challenges. Wish me luck.

-Angela Hill

Love all the great shares of fruits and veggies plus the local box and friends you meet there.

-Shirley Dunlap

Going green is a life saver. Choose a real organic market to inspire farmers to become part of one.

-Corrada Romano

My 11 y/o son and I picked up a box. He and I felt that we were on a healthy adventure and haven't looked back. Than you Co-op and Kristina for providing us with clean bodies and a clear conscience

-Dorothy Davis


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