Your Raw HIGHNESS! | Rawfully Organic


February 21, 2011 7:39 am

Hello Your Raw HIGHNESS!

I hope that you have had an awesome weekend! I have enjoyed time outside running, and it truly feels warm and amazing outside! With all of the good fruits, berries, and greens in the boxes, I feel high on goodness. I?m feeling the raw HIGHness! ;o)

A good friend on mine this week called me her raw ?highness,? and I began to laugh because it is so true! I am literally high on life all of the time, and I attribute my abundance of energy to one of my main sources?raw foods! Everything that we have gotten in our boxes this past week, from the strawberries to the tangerines and the grapefruits or jonagolds, have been feeding my body to function at its peak best! Granted, I have been eating 100% raw for six years, but when you combine these colorful foods with the newly beginning Spring sunshine and the warmer weather, I cannot help but feel HIGH on life!

This past week we had about 250 families to come pick up boxes! Everyone is finally coming out of winter hibernation, and I was so excited to share all of the co-op moments with everyone. The coolest thing to see is that everyone feels this same way. It is almost as if we are all coming back to life after winter, and we all are excited about getting back to being Rawfully abundant! :)

Speaking of having a raw HIGHNESS, this is the time to start fresh. Many people make New Years resolutions to eat better, but most of those resolutions are forgotten after January 2nd. However, Spring is near, and all of the cold weather will soon be over. No longer will you crave warm foods, so getting on track for eating healthier must be on your agenda. It is time to clear out all of those heavy winter foods from your colon and let yourself get Rawfully HIGH on fruits and veggies! For those who still feel as if they struggle with eating raw, please do not put pressure on yourself. Eating raw is something that is to be joyful. Eating raw is an act of love for your body, and it is a gift to share with all around you. When you feel good, everyone that you know will be blessed by your goodness as well. So how may you get Rawfully HIGH may you ask?! I will share with you!

To get Rawfully HIGH, you must first be willing to let go of all preconceived notions about eating raw or even of living healthfully. It?s time to have some FUN! This is the time for you to free yourself from all emotional eating burden. That?s right, your belly will expand to fit in more juicy fruits, but your body will feel more energized than the energizer bunny! Please don?t feel afraid about gaining weight because most likely you won?t eat enough calories at first to sustain the amount of energy that you are burning?although you will feel more full due to the higher water content of the produce. Secondly, you must figure out what your favorite fruit is this season, and you must buy enough of it to be able to eat it everyday in ABUNDANCE.? When we eat things that we love, we get EXCITED about our meals. Then, we cannot wait to prepare them! Thirdly, open your heart to be either creative with your food or simplistic with your food. Some like to be extravagant, and some like to be simple. You may want to try a combination of both. Be forgiving with yourself: you may feel like you make mistakes, but there is truly no such thing in the raw world?only fine consequences, both good or gassy. 😉

Lastly, you can keep track of what you eat, but in all honesty, it is doing the best that you can from day to day that will keep you motivated and satisfied with your efforts. Being on a raw HIGHNESS is way more than about eating a strict 100% raw diet?it is about living and breathing a 360 degrees color spectrum wheel of health. If you do not feel good about what you are doing, then you will not get a raw highness, so you must make this joyful for YOU. Be the beam of light that you envision in your life and create that change for YOU. You live the life that you want to live. If you make the choice, take the steps. We all support you and will hug you no matter what!

I hope this week is filled with raw HIGHNESS for you! I wish that you are able to brush off the ?bad food demons? from your shoulder and tell them that you no longer want to be a slave to their sabotaging whispers. Live the life that you want to live, and envision yourself coming to life in this fashion. When you envision this, this dream is twice as likely to come true. I want to be on a raw HIGHNESS all the time, and I AM! I am simply blessed and more than happy to be able to share this highness with you all.

I hope to see each of you this week with smiles on your faces and excitement to get beautiful food! Thank you for loving our co-op, and thank you for co-operating.

Your raw HIGHNESS sends RAWSOME hugs!!!