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Celebrate Your Body’s Freedom!

June 28, 2010 3:40 pm

I hope that everyone has had a truly special weekend enjoying the sunshine and even sprinkles of rain. ?This coming week is one week is one in particular where celebration is essential to life. ?The 4th of July celebrates our Independence as the states, and it also cherishes summer and family time! We will most definitely be having a co-op celebration this Thursday with our first LOCAL WaTeRmElOnS, and it may be our last time to see local blueberries! We will not be having co-op Saturday the 3rd of July, so all who are interested in getting their boxes on Thursday?please come!? This will be our last Thursday at Royal Oaks, so I also ask that you please read the newsletter.

We have so many things for which to be grateful.? Everyday my list of gratitude changes.? New experiences and opportunities approach me every second. My choice becomes to see all of these experiences as a part of the greater good. Together, they create a whole, and this wholeness creates life.

The Fourth of July becomes one of those days where many people forget the meaning of the day; yet they celebrate the holiday. The 4th is one where I truly become grateful for all that I have, all that I eat, and all who are in my life. ?So many gave their lives so that we can enjoy our independence.? This is priceless.? Ironically, it becomes weird to think about the fact although we have independence, our bodies and minds may not be free.

On the 4th, we celebrate freedom and independence for our countries, families, and individual rights. However, do we ever use this time to celebrate our body’s freedom? If we contemplate, we have the choice to free our bodies from pain, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases. Our lifestyle and food choices highly dictate how we feel, how we act, and how we think. Is your body truly free from sickness, disease, or even bad foods?? Are we truly free from living sickly? Or, are we surrounded by a society that makes it too difficult to achieve great health and happiness? Irony exists in the sense that 100 years ago, we were fighting for our personal freedom, land, and families. Today, we are fighting society and even ourselves to achieve health.

Although many factors play a great role in our health (such as the environment, air pollutants, sleep, stress, spirituality, and emotional well-being), food remains a golden ticket on the path to healing one’s body. Without eating well, sleeping enough, exercising, loving, and breathing deeply, no one can achieve perfect health. Sure, you can find unhealthy foods EVERYWHERE that you go, but this is no reason to succumb to eating them. ?Just because everyone else around you may encourage you to eat “just one little bite,” I encourage you to listen to the food angel sitting on your right shoulder. ?He wants you not to follow some of the unhealthy habits of society and free your body from this emotional and physical burden. ?The moment that you succumb to appeasing others? needs, your needs become insignificant and resentment is born. ?Every family holiday brings along bad foods and individuals who may not understand your health choices.? While temptation is one thing, you need not be afraid to stand apart from the masses. ?You have the choice to free your mind and your body from this burdensome responsibility.

It’s interesting to think of our minds and bodies as two separate entities. While they are two, they can also become one. When we get in tune to our bodies needs, our minds become strong enough to maintain discipline to protect the body. When our minds are weak, we feed our bodies to nourish our minds. If our bodies are another child that we were constantly carrying around with us (and for which we are responsible), then we would not stuff them with junk food or sabotage them in any way. ?We would show them complete respect, and we would attempt to meet their needs in the kindest manner possible. The same relationship exists between our minds and our bodies. Our bodies reap the benefits of our minds, and our minds reap the benefits that we give our bodies. In a similar fashion, if our minds do not properly “feed” our bodies, our bodies feel the change and dissatisfaction. We then operate at lower energy levels and lower levels of health. The relationship of the mind and body is two-fold, and it is one that can continuously create harmony in life.

Free your body! Free your mind! When you free your body, your mind will also be free. ?Our bodies WANT to be healthy and FREE of all disease, sickness, and unhealthy habits. However, we hold them back. There is always room for improvement in eating and in every area of life no matter where you stand on your journey. ?I want nothing more than my body to find unending freedom in health, and this can only be accomplished through my living healthfully.

This Fourth of July weekend, everyone will be celebrating freedom. ?We will celebrate the freedom of our country, the freedom of our families, the freedom of our food choices, and the freedom to choose to live our lives exactly as we desire! What a freedom! I choose to strive for abundance. I choose to strive for health, love, and peace. Happiness evolves from continuously loving oneself and from making choices for the betterment of all living creatures.? Satisfaction occurs when we take a chance to help others and to also meet our own needs.? We have the CHOICE to achieve greater health—this ?a blessed freedom. We live in a society where we can create change. Living healthfully becomes EASY and enjoyable if we all partake in sharing this together. ??Imagine the freedom in life that exists all around you!? “Lettuce” celebrate our independence this coming week in ALL areas of life.

My Favorite Ways to Celebrate the 4th:

  1. Cracking open a juicy watermelon and eating the entire thing with my family.
  2. Laying in the sun while taking a nap or reading a book.
  3. Catching up on family time.
  4. Going for a run in the sun.
  5. Go blueberry, watermelon, and tomato picking.
  6. Being grateful for the abundance of food from our boxes and the variety that exists from all of our beloved farmers and sources of food. This is truly a blessing that I hope is not taken for granted.
  7. Enjoying a humongous salad with the veggie works!
  8. Dream of the figs that are soon to come!
  9. Peace and quiet.