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Your Body Thanks YOU!

April 27, 2010 6:48 am

I pray that everyone has had the most sun-filled weekend! With the weather, who cannot be happy?! There is so much for which to be grateful. Although life seems to get even more crazy-busy as the days pass, the sunshine allows us to at least take a moment to appreciate the warm touch on our skins.

The next two weeks will be filled with TWO main surprises that I am going to keep SUPER secret, so I have to start building the suspense! Please stay tuned! I can?t wait? in the meantime, I am preparing for these amazing changes and super abundant crops! Doesn?t it just make you itch?! I simply cannot wait! :)

The past two weeks have been simply wonderful, but doesn?t it seem like everyone keeps getting busier and busier? Perhaps it is just that time of a year, but it is during these times that we sometimes need to be reminded what is truly important. With summer drawing near and with work picking back up, life quickly becomes a rat race to try and accomplish everything too quickly. We must remember that WE set our times and that WE have the power to set our schedules according to plan.

We get through the busiest times more easily when we are healthy enough to handle our responsibilities. Who has time to get ?sick?? Sick to many means affected or related to physical or mental illness. This time hinders our ability to perform on a basic level, and it keeps us from moving forward. I do not see ?sick? as most people do. Rarely, do I ever use the word. I truly believe that if you are under the weather, your body is simply communicating to you that something is wrong. You did not ?catch? anything per-se; however, you?re body is requesting a change in your life. For example, you know when your body gets tired that you must sleep to regain energy. Ironically, when people are diagnosed with cancer, they feel as if something has attacked them and that their habits can stay the same. Change must come in order for change to come. The body would not communicate to us in such a manner if it were happy. ?Change becomes one of the most difficult aspects to incorporate into our lives, but it does not have to be ?so hard.? Change can flow easily and freely if we allow ourselves to accept the amazing possibilities that it has to offer. The trick in the beginning is discipline. After we live it, it becomes a lifestyle.

Learning to know your body keeps you in tune with the world. When it is better for us, the world benefits!!! When we change negative habits, negative energy quickly dissolves, and more vibrant and lively energy is created all around us. It almost becomes a positive force field that simply cannot be touched. If affects everyone, and we cannot help but spread good vibes! The world benefits from our positive changes!!!

Your body will thank you if you thank it. If you love your body, it will love you back. It will take care of you, and it will allow you to succeed in ways that you never thought possible. Most importantly, it grounds you. It creates awareness in your life that everything is connected?from the food that you eat to the way that you feel on a daily basis. Let us not become too lost in our days that we forget that one of our most important priorities are our health and our well-being. Let us all remember to eat pristinely, exercise daily, sleep enough, laugh, love, and hug. Change is beautiful, and we grow from it.

This week, ?lettuce? love our bodies so that our bodies can love us! I hope that you all have a wonderful week, and I look forward to seeing you!