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Wordly Wise

March 15, 2010 6:38 am

If you are in Houston, then I know that you are LOVING this weather. It is sunny and so easy to sit outside and soak up the sun until you feel so relaxed that you feel woozy. This week is spring break for kids and students alike, and many are trying to enjoy their time going to the rodeo or spending time with friends and family. I had the best birthday this past Thursday, and? I want to thank everyone for making my birthday so unbelievably special. I was surrounded with beautiful flowers and plants, and the boxes were overflowing with the most rare yet abundant edible flowers and herbs galore. Many have asked me about these greens, and there is a list to the left column of the email. Thank you thank you thank you everyone for your presence and love.

Spending quality time with people is something that I enjoy more than anything. We all live in a world where being incredibly busy is normal, and this prevents us from truly absorbing time in relationships with others and with ourselves. It is not until you sit down for a few minutes to rest that you realize that you have most likely been too busy and that you need some more ?me time.? Sometimes, we are able to achieve the balance more easily at times than at other times, but life is all about managing your time and dealing with change.

I was with a friend on Friday, and she asked me, ?How would you speak if every word that you ever said came true?? In other words, what would you do if all of your thoughts became things? Would you still speak in the same manner, or would you still think the way that you do? If I say the word hamburger, I would most definitely not want one to appear before me! What if I said something like, ?My life is crazy,? ?I?m too busy,? or ?I?m poor.? Even if they are not true or if you are joking, you have just manifested those things in your mind and to the world.

We all hold in our minds and in our words to change the way that our universes operate. Even if you don?t believe your words at first, if you say them over and over again, you are liable to live them as truth after a certain period of time. Your thoughts can change. These thoughts affect our actions, and they attract to us what we request. Many athletes go through mind training in order to help them achieve new heights. Life coaches like Jim Will, Gregg Braden, Alix Rodwell, Anthony Robbins, Eckhart Toll, and hundreds more, emphasize that your mindset going into any race is one of the most important factors. If you tell yourself that you will lose. You will lose. If you question your winning, you may not win. If you tell yourself that you will do your best. You will try your hardest. If you know deep down that you?ve got it, you hold it before you. I believe that what most of our world needs is a shift in wording, thus causing a shift in mindset. It doesn?t hurt one to think positively.? If anything, it improves life on so many levels. Why manifest the negative when you can manifest the AMAZING and the UNTHINKABLE?!

We all have hopes or set goals for ourselves, whether they are small or infinite. No matter what they may be, we hold them in our minds as things that we want to accomplish or things that we want to have. Whether it may be to spend more time with family, to feel appreciated, to become more athletic, to make more money, or to gain health. My personal mantra is? ?abundance comes easily to me.? For those who know me, this is absolutely true! The most beautiful people, beautiful food, and beautiful circumstances continuously surround me.

I believe that life is continuously on an uphill climb. No matter what may happen, it is all for a reason. It is all for the greater good; we simply must learn to see it that way. Every experience is a growth opportunity. There are infinite situations in which we can work on ourselves during the day. If something bothers you, start there. Take one moment everyday where you can contemplate how you will want to change your mindset towards a situation to make it better for yourself, and speak it aloud. Your thoughts become words, your words said aloud become things. Thoughts become things, and we are all interconnected to help change the energy of our communities and our world. Our dreams truly are possible with determination and proper communication. Let?s make it happen!

I hope to see everyone this week! I hope that you are enjoying the sun!