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Why I Choose 100% Raw

November 8, 2010 5:13 am

What a weekend! I hope that you have lived it to the fullest and that you have recovered with the extra hour of sleep that we gained! I always love gaining this hour because it feels to me like we were able to give ourselves one more hour to get things done and because it is no longer dark when we wake up! Hello sunshine! :)

Believe it or not, but Thanksgiving is almost here. This is the month for giving thanks. My heart swells with gratitude for a plethora of blessings that are so abundant I cannot even begin to count. While life may have its ups and slip-ups, I still see it all as perfect. These imperfections are there to show us how beautiful life can be, and most importantly, how everything happens for a reason. It works out even better than we imagined in the end.

Lately, I have had several ask me to inspire them to eat 100% raw. Sure, I help to coach those who need help in order to get them on track, but I also get many people who ask me the following: ?Why do you choose to be 100% raw, low fat vegan?? To me, the answer is simple; yet, it is more intricate than I can possibly grasp.

My body is a well-oiled machine. It is my temple. My legs are my driving force; my arms are my embrace; my heart is my pump; my stomach is my gut; my fingers are my gentle strokes; and my brain is my operation and focus. All of these parts create the whole, and they work together to make me function. I function at my finest when I supply myself with the best of the best. Organic, fresh, ripe, raw, colorful, and loving foods exude through me. My body is a necessity.

One of my closest friends and I had a conversation the other day about where we spend our money. People tend to spend as little as possible on necessities; however, they like to over-spend on luxurious items that have little to no necessity. The one thing that I do not budget each week is my food. Yes, I do pay for my food, and it is the one thing that I never limit. I allow myself to splurge on good food because I know that this food will allow me to function at my absolute best. I would not be able to run our co-op, tutor, coach, run, sing, practice art, support my family, or love my friends otherwise. Living a raw foods lifestyle is now about being raw, but it is about the lifestyle. It is about wanting to feel like you are worth a million dollars more than you were the day before. Being raw is about achieving optimal health and feeling the passion of life.

I am definitely not stating that everyone reading this newsletter must be 100% raw or that they must strive to be so. I am, however, claiming, that were you invest your time, energy, and money is exactly where you will see improvements. If you invest in yourself, you will feel a positive difference. The more good foods that you put inside of your body, the better you will feel and the better balanced you will be. It is a point fact. After the starting point, you can only escalate. I now look back and do not recognize the girl that I was five years ago. That was me? I was?sick? You would never guess if you saw me today.

Anything less than 100% is exactly how you will feel. I like to feel like I am 100% present and 100% high on life. I want the highest energetically vibrating foods running through my veins, and I want to inspire others to inspire others. Why do many think it is so hard to eat fruits and vegetables? The truth is that it is not hard to take these foods and to place them into your mouth. Eating certain foods is a conscious choice. When you make it a part of your lifestyle, it becomes an easy blessing.? Including anything less than the best in your life will make you feel less than your best. Yes, even those tiny morsels of chocolates or breads make a difference. Why would you want to cheat yourself ?

If you are used to self-abuse or self-sabotage, then individuals like me are here to help walk you through those emotions. Otherwise, you must believe in your own strength and power to make the change that you desire.

This week was busy for me! Not only did I get to sing the National Anthem at a health banquet for Lebanese doctors (picture above), but I also got the most beautiful privilege to speak to Westchester Elementary School this week about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. Sadly, many of these kids had never eaten a nectarine or a honeydew melon. Some of these children may never eat these fruits, and they may grow up thinking that their failing health is genetic. I can only pray to try to change this and to live as an example that eating pristinely will create pristine health. I have not been sick with as much as a cold in over five years since I have been 100% raw.

I will never give advice to someone that I would not do. If 100% is the best, then I want to be 200%. If 100% is full force, then I want to be the driving fire. If 100% is all love, then I want to be warm, comforting hug.

I choose to be 100% low fat raw vegan because:

1)?? I physically feel like superwoman. I feel pure and strong.

2)?? I focus better than I have ever focused. (I am able to hold me focus for 12 hours at a time as a full time raw coach and tutor).

3)?? I am smarter. I graduated top 5% of my class at Rice.

4)?? I am able to run 7 miles a day without breaking a sweat.

5)?? I need less sleep and find myself more efficient throughout the day.

6)?? Being raw has helped me generate the strength to clear out old emotional buggers. No more bricks on my back.

7)?? Old fears have vanished.

8)?? My skin has cleared and feels softer.

9)?? My hair is longer and even more shiny.

10) I can always eat to my heart?s content and never have to worry about ?dieting?

11)? I get to share this unbelievably incredible gift with others.

12) This list will be continued for the rest of my life. It will never end.

So, if you are giving yourself excuses as to why you cannot go raw or why you cannot even be 100% of everything that you want to be, I simply ask you, ?Are you satisfied?? Be all that you can be, and feel that person in all that you do. Own yourself and love your source of purity. From here, you will develop faith, and the world can only become a better place from all that you have to offer.

I pray that you find your 100% of whatever it is that you want to be, and I pray that you are able to shine your light with the world. I hope to see you this week for some gorgeous, abundant, and pure food.

Love and hugs***