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Why Eat Fully Raw?

April 2, 2012 7:13 pm

Why Eat Fully Raw?
Why Eat Fully Raw?
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Kristina from Rawfully Organic and FullyRaw answers your most important question: ?Why Eat FullyRaw??

You know what it is to eat raw foods, but do you know why it is important to be more FullyRaw in your everyday life? Do you know what it feels like to be FullyRaw? I am here to be your inspiration! This video provides the top 3 reasons why eating FullyRaw will change your life.

Everyone wants to be raw, but they don?t know where to start or where to look for inspiration. I am here to do just that. I am going to create a video series where I address all of the most essential questions:

Why eat fullyraw?
What are the steps to eat fullyraw?
What are the challenges?
What are the solutions to the challenges?
How can I be fullyraw and inspire others?

It?s not just about the food, but it?s all about the food. Similarly, it?s all about the food, but it?s not at all about the food. When getting healthy, we have to address the emotional components, the physical ones, and the mental ones.

We may take it out on the food or think we have fallen off the wagon, but these are all growth opportunities and must be seen in a different light. In reality, it?s just putting the food in your mouth, but what emotions lead you to those choices that you are unhappy about?

What emotions lead you to make those choices? Are you living a life of self-sabotaging behaviors and a slave to your succumbed emotions? Or are you living FULLYRAW like you want to live?

Keep in mind you can always go to my website at to see the FAQ page for the basics, but we are going to talk about deeper issues in the videos that perhaps you can share with family and friends to inspire them as well. For those of you in Houston who are associated with Rawfully Organic, use our local resources!

Here are the three reasons why Eating Raw will Change Your Life.

1)?? Physically:

  • The food is chemically different. It is composed differently. I won?t get into the hard-core science, but when you cook your food, you denature that food. The food loses vitality and nutrients. Essentially, it becomes ?dead.? If you want to feel alive, why eat something that is dead? You want to radiate, and your food is your energy! Processed foods are BAD, contain chemicals, are genetically modified, and are unrecognizable by your body. When you eat raw food, you physically:
      • Have MORE energy
      • Heal
      • Improve Digestion
      • Lost weight
      • Clear Skin
      • Gain muscle Tone/Lose Fat
      • Increase Nutrient Density (invigorates your blood!)

2)?? Emotionally:

    • You will feel confident because you are eating the foods that you finally want to eat!
    • You learn to love yourself because you are eating foods that LOVE you back!
    • Emotionally healing (Time to cleanse out that bookshelf!)
    • NO MORE SELF-SABOTAGE. ?Please visit my video called ?Overcome Struggles Going Raw.?
    • Become yourself and confident in your choices
    • Food freedom
    • Feel GOOD!
    • Vitality
    • Clear minded- because you are eating so many nutrient dense foods, you are cleansing, you have more power to think better!
    • Many times people think they fail because they ?fall? off the wagon, but really, the shift takes place that these are growth opportunities.

3)?? Spiritually

    • If you are what you eat, then you will become the life that your food offers. You retain it?s energy, and you feel more connected to the earth because what you are eating is provided for you.
    • You develop FAITH because the foods that you are now eating are not man made. You are no longer depending on man, but you are learning to understand and depend on nature.
    • You become divinely connected and come back to a place of gratitude.
    • Eating foods that are fresh and local connect you to your community.
    • You will feel like you are living your life?s purpose. EVERYONE WANTS THIS!

So how do you start? You want to do this, but how do you get there?

The biggest tip that I can give you that I want you to walk away with is that it?s all about the fruits of life. EAT ONE MEAL OF FRUIT EACH DAY. Fruit is color in life. Emanate that color.

Hope that you all enjoy this post and this video! Please feel free to share with others so that we can get the message out there. I appreciate all of your support! Sending many hugs and love!