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Volunteering at co-op is one of the most special parts of participating in our co-op. We believe that the food tastes so good because of the labor of love that we place into the boxes. The food is blessed by wonderful people, and we believe the food tastes better because of the love that we put into sorting the shares.

Because we depend on volunteers to sort the shares, we can only go as fast as the number of people that we have. Sometimes we finish on time, sometimes we finish late, and sometimes we finish early. Either way, never be afraid to jump in and lend a hand!

When you come to volunteer, please feel free to bring your own fruit, water (especially during the upcoming HOT summer months!), “work” clothes (they will get dirt on them… we deal with FRESH picked, wet and dirty veggies!), and anything else that makes you feel comfortable. The one requirement is to bring a smile on your face!

This page is used to update volunteers on any new procedures going on so that we can all be on the same page and things can run more smoothly. If you have any ideas for this page or ideas on how to make volunteering a smoother process, please email This is the volunteer page and all comments are awesome! Don’t be shy! This co-op belongs to us all!!

Remember… everyone is a newbie at one time or another. Don’t be afriad to talk to anyone?we are ALL excited to find an amazing community within this co-op! Be sure to treat others in a kind manner. ASK, “Is this your first time?”… OFFER help to everyone… GUIDE those who are lost… SMILE AND SHARE A HUG!

Now, we hope to see you soon! Come dance to wonderful music, meet like-minded people who will greet you with open arms, and become a part of this amazing FAMILY! Hugs!!



We do ask that you try to be on time. We will NEVER turn volunteers away but showing up early is helpful… especially if you are new! We usually hold a little pow-wow to describe the sorting process and take time for introductions so we can all feel a little more like family. During the sorting hours you can expect to:

  • Set up tents
  • Set out and organize empty boxes and tables
  • Unload produce trucks
  • Sort fruits and veggies into shares


Many volunteers leave at this point but we also NEED volunteers during the pick-up hours! Many people coming to the co-op to pick up a share are brand new and tend to feel a little nervous and “lost”…while Dionne and Sharon are handling the check-out lines, we rely on volunteers to help with many tasks. If you stay during the pick-up hours, you can expect to:

  • WELCOME EVERYONE! We are a community!
  • Guide newbies in how to pick out choices, select boxes, and steer them to the check-out line
  • Carry boxes for those who need a hand
  • Explain to non-co-op members what we are all about and hand out flyers
  • Keep the tables organized and stocked with food
  • Make extra shares as needed
  • Help break down tents
  • Join in the group hug at the end!