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We Have Two New “Hoods” in the Woods!

September 6, 2010 6:48 am

Hello Rawsome Reader!

I hope that you have had a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend! We all noticed some of the fall winds blow through, and it felt amazing! Summer is almost gone, so this is the time to soak up any last bit of summer sun possible! Everyone is getting back into their normal yearly routine, and I can attest that getting organized is slightly stressful, but it feels wonderful! I hope that everyone is being productive and accomplishing all that he or she needs to achieve!

It has been a week of great news for all of us. Last week, we got approval from not ONE potential home, but from TWO fantastic places that want to grow with us and that want to support our cause! After a very long period of searching for a perfect place, we now have two perfect homes! I want to personally thank the Nottingham Forest Club for providing us with their beautiful parking lot located in Buffalo Bayou at a convenient location for us all. I also want to thank the Houston Arboretum for inviting us to be a part of their family as well! Both have been a blessing and a testimony that our co-op is growing into something truly beautiful: a community across the city! We all share beautiful, organic produce together, and together, we are creating a HUGE footprint!

So I bet you are wondering what the results of the survey were, right? Well, don’t worry! This week, I am using all of my newsletter space to let you know what is to come in the future! Trust me, it’s so exciting that I am bouncing in my shoes trying to visualize all of the amazing goodness that is about to be spread! Click here to see the what everyone voted for online!

Here’s is the Verdict!

  1. Thursdays will stay at the same time at the Nottingham Forest Club. Click here for directions and more information.
  2. Saturdays will remain the same
  3. We will be adding a Tuesday at the Houston Arboretum that will be the same as Thursday time right after work! HORRAY! This will most likely begin the first week of October (Ironically, it’s the 3 year anniversary week for Rawfully Organic, so it’s a perfect time to add a new home!) Stay posted for more details, and please spread the word!

Hopefully, this is a win-win for everyone. I was initially worried that this would be so hard for people, then I had to knock myself on the side of the head because adding one more location only creates MORE convenience! Drop-offs will most likely remain on Thursdays. I have had several questions if the food will be the same, and yes, it will be very close if not exactly the same week to week. I can only purchase what is available. Also, I want to assure everyone that no food will be carried on between days. Each day is budgeted separately according to how many participate at that location, and all receive the same amount of abundance.

With the winter coming and nightfall coming earlier, we make make the end pick-up time a little earlier around 7:30/8 or so. I will keep everyone posted. Because we are adding another day, I will also need to end a little earlier as to get to a night shift tutoring and creating art. I only hope that everyone can see how much that I love our co-op and how much I truly want us to give back and prosper. I am dedicated, and I am only grateful for the opportunity to help us grow.

I hope that you will continue to support the co-op and that these times will work for you. My goal here was truly to make co-op available to all, no matter what their schedule. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have the best food available to them. The change that we are creating is truly enormous. I can only thank you for being a part of my co-op family. It goes far beyond food. It encompasses sharing recipes, conversations, interests, energy, thoughts, hands, sweat, and hugs. We create community, and we go back to our roots. When we ground ourselves in the things which really matter in life, we grow and prosper internally and externally. This co-op exists because of each one of us, and we all create this co-op together. We voted for our new homes, and we got them!

Sending all my hugs and love….and of course amazing, living food! 😉