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Vitamix Sale!

May 16, 2012 8:55 pm



Kristina & Megan Make Raw Love Pies!



I LOVE PICKLES, and this week they will be exploding from the boxes! I love them so much that I created a great raw recipe with them! Many people think that pickles have to be soaked in vinegar to be called a pickle, but they are actually much more crunchy and much more tasty eaten raw! Like noodles? Then you will LOVE this recipe! Hope that you enjoy this recipe and that you share it with family and friends!


Local Peaches are IN! We had the cutest little baby peaches last week that simply made my mouth water and my heart smile! Local squashes, fresh basil, and local kale are also some delicious surprises that are in the boxes! Monday is a fresh start to the week, so be sure to reserve your share early! You don’t want to miss out on this week’s bountiful box!

Many of you have been emailing me asking me what happened to my EPIC blog posts. I have been so busy doing videos on my new YouTube Channel FullyRawKristina that I haven’t had a chance to blog as much. I promise to write a new blog post in our ROC newsletters each week, and I will of course include the link for all of you! My heart simply hopes to keep you all inspired to be FullyRaw! Thank you ALL for inspiring me and for providing me with encouragement, ideas, and hugs to keep our community thriving, growing, and loving!

Last week, my friend Megan and I make Love Pies in the kitchen for you! Enjoy this recipe video with a sweet makeover twist! Please subscribe to the FullyRawKristina YouTube Channel!

This week only, Vitamix will be having a sale for our already discounted blenders! Instead of $379, the 5200 will be $329! If you are interested in purchasing one of these blenders through the co-op with our non-profit discount to get an even better deal than what you would get in ANY store, please email and send your phone number! If you haven’t heard back from me, please be patient. I will get to you, I promise!


See daily pictures of co-operators, raw food recipes, and box updates on our ROC facebook page! Also, join Kristina as she pioneers our ROC’N community to keep us inspired, on-track, and ROC’N it here in Houston! You can go raw with her on her FullyRawKristina Facebook Page or simply stay inspired with her on her personal KristinaCarrillo-Bucaram Facebook Page! If you are on Pinterest, you can follow ROC and FullyRaw here!

While Rawfully Organic provides you with the most rawesome fruits and veggies, its sister site FullyRaw is designed to help you eat raw!??Please?subscribe to Kristina’s New FullyRawKristina YouTube Channel (as well as Rawfully Organic YouTube Channel) to enjoy all of the videos.? Comment, share, and enjoy!


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