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Ultimate Co-op Workouts: Squatting for Squash!!!

July 26, 2010 6:13 am

I hope that you have had an awesome weekend! It was refreshing and hot, all the better to quench intense thirst with melons of all sorts! Everyone has been admiring my melon belly, and I will stand firm in the fact that I am proud of my melon belly no matter how big it is! It is beautiful! ;)? We have been blessed with the best local figs, pickles, SQUASH, blueberries, and watermelons and more this week.

I want to thank everyone for your patience, as we seem to be nomads lately. For the next few weeks, we are in the parking lot next door to Grace Presbyterian Church. It is in the parking lot of the shopping center next door at the corner of Seagler and Westheimer. We will be set up by the Brookewood Community Center. Please see the contact us page on our website for further directions.

This past week, I had SO many volunteers come to help us in the sopping rain! It was steaming hot one minute, and then it was pouring the next! Although it was hilarious to see us have to move the entire operation from one end of the parking lot to the other end, we had an awesome time! We were laughing and enjoying the amazing workout! It was nice to even have a shower! Talk about a mult-itask filled day! The most memorable part of this last week for me was the amazing workout that we got while sorting the veggies. Where else can you be a part of a community sorting unbelievable food and get a great workout at the same time?!

Getting exercise is just as good for your health as is eating healthy. Eating well and exercising play hand in hand to help us feel and think our best. While we may all have the food component down pat, what we may not realize is that we are stocking our houses with the best workout tools ever?our food! Our produce has more than one use! That?s right, they can also be used to help you get a great workout! Have you ever used a watermelon as a weight and done curl-ups with it?! Try that for an awesome sweat!

I have been known to make myself busy working out with my food. I like to ?earn? my food meals. The more I workout, the more hungry I become, and the bigger appetite I will have to eat my food! Lifting and loading 40 lb boxes of produce is a way better workout than going to the gym! I already run 6-7 miles daily, but co-op days are especially athletic to me as I have to be prepared to do all types of physical labor. On Thursday, as the volunteers and I were lifting and moving crates of squash, I realized that my legs were truly building muscle squatting for squash! I looked around and realized that we were all getting workout squats! As I looked over, someone else was doing the banana squat, another a pickle squat, and another laying some ?egg?plant! You cannot get this type of workout anywhere else! Co-op is literally different every week. The changing weather, food, and locations keep us on our feet haha! Since we are always getting in new seasonal yummies?you could be squatting for all reasons possible! 😉

As we were all getting awesome workouts and happily playing with our food, I started to come up with all types of hilarious workouts in my head that we can do with our co-op boxes! Here is the uproarious list:

Lunging for Lemons

Spinach Sit-ups

Plum Pull-ups

Broccoli Butt Squeezes

Calve Raises with Beefsteak Tomatoes

Cantaloupe Crunches

Orange Juggling

Melon Medicine Balls

Box Counting Brain Activities

Apple Aerobics

Pineapple Pilates

Hot Pepper Yoga

Carrot Back Cracks

Swiss Chard Stretching

Falling for Figs

Honeydew Hopscotch

D?Anjou Dance

Celery Curls

Potato Push-Ups

Kiwi Kicks

Watermelon Weights

Blueberry Boxing

Granny Smith Sprints

Squash Squats!

Romaine Running

Kale Jumps

Shake It Sweet Basil Shimmy!

This past week has truly made me realize how much fun that we have every Thursday and Saturday. Even when I find myself discouraged that we do not yet have a permanent home, I love that I can enjoy myself and let go with others. We create our own home no matter where we are. We are a family, and we co-operate together through good times and unfavorable times. Co-op time is sacred time. It is a time to get away from anything else going on, and to enjoy yourself with others who share this passion. Thank you all for sharing in this amazing experience and journey with me. It is truly unforgettable.