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5 Steps for Resolution Success!

January 7, 2013 8:33 am

This is the most popular time of the year for health. People have made their resolutions to FINALLY lose weight and eat right. But, don’t we hear this every year? If people really want to get healthy, then why do they continue to make poor health choices? Where do our priorities stand, and how addicted to poor habits are we that we cannot control what goes into our bodies and how we treat our temples?

At one point in my life, I made resolutions to get healthy. Now, I live healthfully everyday. My resolutions this year had more to do with emotional goals and spiritual freedom than they do with health because I have mastered that arena of my life. This is possible for you as well. What does it take? Here are my top tips to help you breathe and achieve those goals that are deep in your heart:

1) Envision: The first step in making any goal and achieving it is to have a vision! What do you want? Take that desire and create an enactment in your mind of what it looks like. This is a very powerful exercise! The power of intention uses your thoughts to create tangible dreams! Write down your vision and keep it next to you. Reread this vision often to keep yourself focused on your goals.

2) Plan: Create a plan for your vision. Now that you see what you want, ask yourself what the necessary steps may be to help you achieve that resolution.Use a calender and write down your daily goals, your time frame, and your means to make it happen. Use your connections and network if possible. Remember the importance of community; no man is an island. If you can share these goals with others, you may find that you have a support team behind you or that you have friends who will join you in your journey!

3) Execute: Make it happen! Take your goals and your plan, and configure the steps to make your dreams a reality. You don’t need to conquer your vision in one day, so please do not pressure yourself to do so. Keep it comfortable yet challenging for you. In your plans, find a way to measure your goals daily or weekly so that you can track your progress. Most importantly, effort is what counts here. Give it your heart and just do it!

4) Consistency: the key to any successful practice is consistency. Many people make goals for 30 day diets; however, when those 30 days are up, so is the diet. Make a lifetime goal for growth. If you give up meat, don’t just do it for 30 days, incorporate it into your lifestyle. If you’re not ready to completely give up meat past that 30 day mark, then wean yourself off slowly so that you will stick with your routine. Even if your pace is slower than you would like, remember that you will see more success long term being patient with yourself and sticking to your agenda. If you want to succeed at something, be consistent with it and have patience. This is one of the most important secrets to success.

5) Faith: Know that the steps that you take for yourself will change your life for the better. Trust that you are becoming a better you! There will be moments where you feel stagnant or where you feel like a failure. Pick yourself back up, dust off your shoulders, and take another step forward. See growth opportunities for what they truly are: life lessons for self-improvement! Have faith that you will achieve your goal and keep envisioning? that goal.

Hold your vision in your mind and complete this cycle again if you fall off-track. However, be gentle with yourself. Everyone comes from different places and moves at a different pace. You are doing the best that you can at every given moment in time. Trust that you love yourself enough to make a change. Otherwise, you would not be reading this post. 😉

If your goal is to get healthy this year, then get healthy! Remember that it is YOUR choice. Take responsibility for your actions, whether good or bad. When we see a clear and honest reflection of ourselves is when we make the best progress towards personal development. What do you look like in your mind as a healthy person?? Take your hopeful vision and then take your first step in feeling THAT HIGH ON LIFE ALL OF THE TIME! Resolutions are for improved, personal, and permanent change in one’s life. It’s a promise to yourself, so keep it! You CAN do it.

Enough reading for you here…now go set your goals and conquer them! I believe in you!