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The Woodstock Fruit Festival

September 14, 2012 7:12 am

This year, I was honored to not only Emcee the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York, but also I am honored to have been asked to be on the board of governors for the event! I promised that I would share my trip, my experience, and my pictures with all of you, so here it is! I have compiled many of my most cherished photos for you to see. I hope that you enjoy them, and perhaps I may even have you join me next year on this fruit journey! You can see all of these pictures on my personal facebook page and you can also check out my recent videos at the festival at Hugs!

Me, Opening Ceremony, and My Freshly-Sewn Lettuce Dress… and yes, I ate it afterwards :)
Me and Dr. Graham :o)
Me and Daddy G...I think the hat looks WAY better on me 😉
Why we love each other so much...isn't it obvious lol?
Never fear the zucchini aliens...or the zucchini weenies for that matter...wait...say what?!
Megan, Me, and Chris having fun friend time in the kitchen...aka Kristina is snitching food while they are making it!
Afternoon run time with my buds! From left to right: Trent Brockie, Harley, Me, Tim van Orden, Grant Campbell, and Yuliya! Good times and memorable runs! ...and yes, I glisten! ;)
My afternoon runs was one of my favorite parts of this trip. Each day, I got to spend quality time with my friends (amazing athletes and amazing people) who simply emanate that health creates true passion, true souls, and true beauty. Who says vegans aren't good looking?! Look at that good looking pair! Oh's me and Trent about to head out for a run! :)
This is the most random picture ever. I have no idea why I have it. I'm basically in Megan's cabin at nightfall joining in the bathroom party. Mustache? No really, I have no idea why this is here.
Me and good friend Ted Carr! Hugs to you bro! :)

Me, Megan, and Harley enjoying talk time at the pioneer's dinner.
Pinoneer Dinner with Megan McDonnell, Chris Kendall, Dr. Graham, Me, Harley aka Durianrider, Dan McDonald (Life-Regenerator), and Karen Ranzi. So blessed to call these amazing individuals my friends and my family. Definitely a memorable and heart-felt evening :)
This is what really went down in the kitchen! Well, when I wasn't snitching the food between Emcee events!
Me and Trent <3
We spent a lot of time eating durian. No joke...we ate it even at early hours of the morning! Me, Megan, and Ryan having a late night durian party!
Yes, more durian eating! Allow me to introduce you to my new love...please meet Mr. Durian! :)
The Whole Fruit Gang taking over NYC! Can I get a YA BABY for good times?!
Yes, this is really happening! It's a Rob Kristina Rob sandwich!
Raw beauties Cynthia and...oh that me??? 😉
Time to see NYC! Where should we start??
Let's start with a run! Literally about to run through Manhattan! Watch this FullyRaw Goddess go for it!
I even found fresh juice in the city! No excuses not to be FullyRaw!
An amazing view from Central Park! I ran all over this city!
After my run, Victoria showed me the most gorgeous skyline I have ever seen! Truly a sight in NYC! Will never forget this picture (the MET was right below us!)

I hope that you all enjoyed these pictures as much as I experienced taking them! It was definitely a once in a lifetime trip and opportunity! All of these amazing people will be there with me next year, as I hope that you will be too! Thank you all for showing me SO much support in my passions and endeavors! Look forward to seeing many more fun things from me in the future! Hugs, hugs, and hugs! :)

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