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The Importance of People

August 8, 2011 7:03 am

Hope at you have had a sizzling hot weekend! We are in the heat of summer, enjoying it and keeping hydrated with juicy melons, stone fruits, and more! We had a great group of volunteers come out to help this past week, and I want to send a personal thank you to all who came to dedicate their time to help organize all of our boxes and to offer help afterwards. Everyone who comes always has a smile on their face, and their fabulous enthusiasm sprinkles love and good spirit into our boxes!

Our cooperative has something special about it: we are a community centered around organic, raw food that comes together to enjoy good company, tastes, and organic passions. Almost everywhere you look today, a community is lacking. Individuals lack connection, especially in Houston. In this city, it is not common to spend hours in one’s car or in one’s home separated from groups of people. It is rare to find individuals who reach out of their comfort zone to not only involve themselves in new interests, but also to meet people with these same interests and create friendships with them. People connect in different ways.

In today’s society, it is common for people to connect via telephones, computers, online chats, etc. This takes away from face time with a person. Rather than spend quality one on one time with somebody, one may decide to isolate themselves or stay in their comfort zone, free of complications or even emotions. A hundred years ago when technology was not as prevalent, people relied on their communities for survival and support. Because of technology and services today, convenience is much easier to find–so much that you may not even need to leave your house. Where is the interaction? Help! People needed!

Learning how to interact with your community is one of the most vital lessons in life. It is also a means for survival if technology ever fails. ?Learning the importance of giving back to your community or volunteering is a humbling and gratifying experience that makes you feel bliss! Plus, it is no fun to be alone all of the time or even simply enclosed within your personal family unit.

Once you branch out, you can make your family as big as you want to make it. It all starts by reaching out a hand! ?If you never step out of your comfort zone, you may never meet people who could become your closest of friends. Also, you may never find a service opportunity that you truly enjoy. Regardless of what anyone says, I consider people to be the most crucial component to our society. We are the ones who hold the ability to make change possible, to make communities strong, and to make life great!

The presence of people is important. When I am at coop, I get so excited to see people step out of their comfort zones and to come offer a helping hand. ?The coop provides us with an opportunity to interact with people, and it places faith in human abilities. Not only does it unite us physically, but also it brings us together to share a common passion for health and organic produce. You get to get dirty, and your eyes get to enjoy the beautiful colors of the boxes! It is SO cool to be able to watch two strangers come together, sort produce as a team, and work with others to get the job completed. It is even more awesome to watch these helping hands share recipes and bond in the process. This creates compassion and support in times of need. The coop unites people back with their roots!

We have a community that most do not have, and I consider ourselves to be BEYOND BLESSED. If you have yet to interact with someone else in the coop, reach out! If you have yet to try one of the recipes, make it with a friend! Or, if you have been too scared to come and volunteer, come play with some fruits and veggies! We as individuals create society. What do you want to see more of in our community? Lettuce create it!

I hope to see many more helping hands this week! Many are coming in from being gone all summer, and I cannot tell you HOW much I have missed many of you! I look forward to seeing you!