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The Co-op that CAN!

August 2, 2010 6:40 am

I hope that you have had a cool weekend! Well, at least as cool as it can be in the Texas, summer heat! I will confess that I absolutely love the heat! When winter comes, I crave the sun, so I am soaking up every bit that I can! I enjoy long runs in Terry Hershey Park, and then I come home to eat meals of nectarines, blueberries, figs, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more! Our boxes are the best ways to help us keep hydrated! The juiciness of the fruits and veggies have way more than just water?they have the nutrients of life!

So this newsletter may come as odd to many of us, but we are homeless until we find a new home. Our co-op is one of the the largest co-ops in Houston (if not the largest and most extensive), and it is absolutely bizarre to think that we are homeless at the moment! Perhaps, I should call us nomads since we have moved a few times. Ironically, one would expect the co-op to fall away; however, we have been increasing in numbers even though we are from parking lot to parking lot! As I have been in the middle of our move, I can only express my shock in this fact! This truly proves that we are a community. Not only are we a community, but we have a family of families that stick with us through the good and the challenging to support what truly matters in this world?community, family, food, organics, raw, local, hugs, and love. We have even had more volunteers than ever the past few weeks as we have had no set spot in which to pitch up our tents. I cannot seem to express enough how amazing it is that we have all stuck together and have had so many come out in this bizarre time.

So many of you are probably asking, ?Where next Kristina?? Where is our new home?? Well, the answer is that not even I know the answer. My heart so desperately wants to say that we have a warm and cozy lot in which to sort our veggies, but it has not yet been presented to us yet. I have come to believe that our unbelievably awesome solution will be presented in it?s perfect timing. We are currently satelliting at the parking lot next to Grace Presbyterian Church until we hear from two more potential locations. We are allowed to be there until the end of August. We are in need of a beautiful parking lot with lots of space for setting up the tents, parking, and sorting veggies. It is also a major plus to be surrounded by greenery in a lot that is not incredibly ghetto or that has an accessible bathroom. The bathroom may be asking too much. 😉 The ideal place to have co-op is somewhere along the Beltway near I-10 and close to Westheimer or Memorial so that it is easy for us all to access.

Although I am looking for a semi-permanent place on which to set up, I have decided that it is almost time for us to begin contemplating creating our own home. That will be in due time to build our own pavilion, but for now, the focus will be on putting the message out there that we are looking for the perfect landowner to support us. There are infinite advantages to having our co-op on another?s parking lot!

So until the perfect place presents itself, we will keep co-oping as we do best! Please keep the co-op in your thoughts as we need all the support that we can get in finding us the perfect home. We will keep sharing food, caring for our planet and our bodies, and we will keep moving forward step by step. Each day brings new opportunities and amazing lessons. Life becomes worthwhile when we simply share these experiences and opportunities with others. There is something to learn from every thought and every avenue of life, even if it happens for only a brief second. What defines us is how we deal with situation in life. How do we view them? Are they ?bad days? or are they lessons? Are they punishments or growth opportunities? Do you carry burden or faith? And the real test: can you walk the line with a smile on your face? Can you believe that your smile is real and that everything is perfect just as it is?

Everything happens in its due time, and if we simply trust, everything spans out before us. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. God has never failed me/us; He has only made life better. Everything has always turned out WAY better than O-K, no matter what the situation. We funny humans sometimes like to believe that our plan is better than the Big Guy?s plan?we can be so silly. We cannot see all of the possibilities before us?we see them only in hindsight. I have no other reason than to believe His plans are greater for our co-op. We are the co-op that CAN! We are the co-op that WILL!

If you walk away from this email with anything, I hope that it is that you will trust that goodness will be presented before you no matter what. Allow your mind to see all of the infinite greatnesses that exist before you. Wherever you are, you are there for a reason. What is your growth opportunity? Where is your next step?

I had the amazing opportunity to speak at Spring Forest Middle School this past week. I want to extend a special thank you to Brandon Lackey for allowing me the opportunity to come and to speak to underprivileged children about the important necessity of eating fruits and veggies. I was even supported enough to do a smoothie demonstration and provide a small fruit smoothie to each child there! This even made my week unbelievably special.? These are the things that I love to support and that I love our co-op to support. Thank you all for sharing in it with me!

I hope that you have an incredible week for it is filled to the brim with life?s lessons and with so many moving moments. Should I even mention that we have more abundance than we can eat coming both Thursday and Saturday?! Perhaps I will save that for your eyes 😉 Hope to see you then!

Hugs and love*

(Yes, all pictures are taken by my own lenz! If you click on them, it enlarges them so that you can see them at their fullest potential. Some have hidden butterflies in them!)