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The FullyRaw May Challenge: Self-Love

May 3, 2013 7:30 am

Are you ready for new beginnings? Fill up your plate with color, beauty, and love! Today marks the 1st day of May, starting a new goal of FullyRaw self-love everyday! The challenge: do one thing a day to show yourself love! Whether it be a FullyRaw meal, an intense workout, deep breathing, meditation, a green juice, bubble baths, or daily affirmations, show yourself LOVE. Celebrate YOU! Who’s ready to do this with me?!

I know this challenge may sound a bit scary to you, right? How does one…love…themselves?? Sounds a bit strange at first.

Everything that you do is a reflection of not only who you are, but also how you respect yourself–of how you treat yourself. Do you eat well? Do you exercise? Do you take time to sleep, meditate, or hug? All of these things are made in effort by you for the betterment of you. The act of taking care of ourselves properly is an act of self-love.

Many people do not take care of their daily basic needs. They may skip a meal, eat a “bad” meal, skip sleep, etc. Some even torture themselves emotionally. Our basic human needs are fairly simple: to eat, breathe, and love. Anything more than that is a privilege and has the potential to make life THAT much more enjoyable. So why not make each moment count?

The more time and effort that you put into YOU, the better that you will feel. You will feel more confident, secure, and happy. Even if you don’t feel like you love yourself now, little acts for yourself daily can actually help you develop self-love! If you have ever heard the phrase, “Fake it until you make it,” it’s almost the same concept. The thing about eating more raw foods is that these foods literally LOVE US BACK. These foods bring cause us to have better physical health; hence, increasing the joy in our moods! When we are more joyful and when we feel better physically, then we automatically have better emotional health and even spiritual health! FullyRaw fruits and vegetables are pure, vibrant, and colorful foods that infuse our bodies with nutritious goodness. We are what we eat! When we eat goodness, we become good. We feel good, and we wish to share more good!

The more acts of self-love that you do, the more that you will begin to not only respect yourself and your body, but all others around you. Acts of self-love benefit all whom we love because they teach us how to show love to everyone that we know.

My FullyRaw Challenge for you this month of May is simple: do one act of self-love daily. I’m not asking you to go FullyRaw, but I am asking to you try one act of self-love daily. Try eating one raw meal a day. You can have a fruit bowl, juice, or smoothie in the morning. You could have a buffet of fruit for lunch, and you can even have a huge salad for dinner! Get a box from Rawfully Organic once a week. Try taking a 10 minute walk outside or a yoga class. You can even try doing daily affirmations where you look at yourself in the mirror each day and simply say, “I am beautiful, strong, and unique. I have power. I have compassion. I understand, and I forgive. I love you.” You can even give yourself a hug! All of these things count, and they SHOW YOU LOVE.

This challenge is one of the most powerful challenges. If you do it long enough, it becomes not only a habit, but a powerful self-enforcement and shift in your life. These acts become stepping stones towards greater confidence and greater success in your life! Take them seriously, plan them daily, and focus on making yourself the best person that you can become. Envision that amazing person that you want to become. The coolest part: you already ARE that person; you just don’t know it yet!

Show yourself self-love this month and conquer this challenge. Please feel free to follow my FullyRaw Kristina Facebook Page, Rawfully Organic Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and Instagram as I post here daily to encourage you with recipes, videos, and inspiration. No man is an island, so “lettuce” create a sea of love!

I LOVE YOU! Now go show yourself some love! <3