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The Fruit in My Heart

March 21, 2011 7:36 am

Hello Everyone!

This weekend has been unbelievable! The weather has been truly memorable and delicious to say the very least! Spring Break is officially over, and Spring has begun! Everyone will be coming back this week, and I will be excited to see everyone!

This past week, we had strawberries, blueberries, leafy greens, and more to help us with Spring ?cleaning!? It is time to get our bodies ready and in shape! It’s also time to clean out our “bodies” so that we can get ready for summer lovin’!

I am sure that you have heard of the phrase: ?The Love in My Heart.? This weekend after Saturday co-op, my family drove me down to Galveston to celebrate my birthday on the beach. I was so excited to spend time with them in the sunshine! While I was there, I ran more than 15 miles along the shore in the sand! As the sun was shining and as I was breathing in the ocean breeze, I could not help but reflect on all of the blessings in my life. As I was running, all I could think was, ?I have SO much love in my heart.? I have love in my heart for my life, my family, my co-op family, my friends, my food, animals, the earth, nature, and anything living. I have so much love that I want to share, and I have so much love to give?as do we all! Why do I have so much love that I want to share? Why is there so much love in my heart? Does anyone else BURST with LOVE like this??!?!

After running 15 miles, I still could have run for another 20 miles. I was not tired at all! I was completely energized and just warmed up!? Around my 8th mile, I began thinking of WHY I felt so energized. I looked above me, and I thanked the sun for being my power source. Then, I began to think about my fuel source: my food. My heart pumps because I feed it the best organic, local, and raw fruits and vegetables to which we have access. It then hit me! My body is a well-sugared, raw fruit machine! Ah ha!

Fruit is a source of energy! If everything is energy, then energetically, we are all connected. ?If one considers the amount of energy that we eat, he or she sees that we consume energetically is the amount that we have to give energetically. The same applies to WHAT we eat. If I am thinking of my food as energy, then my food is more than just fuel. My food is power, my food is cellularly satisfying, and my food is love. If I am feeling love in my heart, then I must be feeding love to my body. Because I eat nothing but raw, organic fruits and veggies, then I know what I am eating is literally FILLED with love. My heart feels fruitful!

My food vibrates with color, and it vibrates with life and energy. When I eat foods that show love to my body, those foods are essentially ?loving? foods. It feeds my body so that I CAN love myself and show love to others. Therefore, my food is love. Are these foods not the love that allow my heart to keep beating and to feel emotion? Do they not allow me to feel deeper levels of spirituality than other chemically toxic foods?! Of course! When we fuel ourselves with love, we beam with love! Because I have been living off of strawberries, blueberries, kale, and other succulent fruits and greens from our boxes, my heart is literally fueled on this love. Our hearts look like a giant strawberry anyways! Although that may sound odd, it is true. ?Symbolically, you can take this as far as you want?from the soil that your food is grown in to who grows it. Nonetheless, the meaning returns to the main point:

WHAT WE EAT effects HOW we love and HOW MUCH we love because we exude WHAT WE ARE. We ARE what we eat. The love in my heart IS fruit, and the fruit in MY HEART IS FILLED WITH LOVE.? I am sharing this fruitfulness with all of you!

Together, we have fruity hearts! We are making this world more incredible one raw-filled box at a time! The profound effect of cleansing our bodies with invigorating and vibrating fruits and greens changes the essence of our beings and can change everything from our physical statures to our emotional moods. We feel calmer and even more excited, and we are zestful for life! All benefit from this!

We are what we eat. Our organs function from the vitamins and nutrients that we provide to it, as do our emotions. If we eat love, we are love. Energetically, we all effect one another, so why not vibrate high to make everything around you beam!? I have SO much love in my heart for all of you, and I simply want to give back more love to the world. Because my heart runs on fruit, my heart loves. Our love is fruitful. Lettuce share it with the world!

I am excited to see everyone back from Spring Break this week! Let?s break fruit together!