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Start Fresh in 2011!

January 3, 2011 5:17 am

Happy New Year!

I hope that you have had one of the best holidays yet! For me, this year was truly different from all of the others. I was able to actually get rest and to enjoy real time with my family. Christmas became more than just giving gifts, but it became about quality time. No phones, no internet, just smiles, songs, and hugs. I was then able to celebrate our first day back to co-op on the 1st day of the year! That day became one of the best New Year?s days that I have had yet! I got to celebrate with amazing co-operators, sunny weather, and fresh food! :)

I truly believe that 2011 is a special year. 2010 was a year of growth for so many. Times were definitely changing when it came to politics, movies, jobs, etc. For many, this past year has been a year of growth opportunity; however, this change has been beautiful and much needed in order to enrich our lives. Even the co-op went through a period where our trailer was stolen, but then it was found! Also, we even found two new homes for Tuesday and Thursday! As far as I know, I think all of us have come out of the pit-hole looking into the light with smiles on their faces! I feel more and more grateful each day simply to be alive, to have my friends and family, and to have amazing food.

I have better direction than I did last year. Perhaps I have grown as a person, or maybe I have simply opened myself up to flow with life?accepting all possibilities that may come my way. This past year, I have definitely seen a shift in the way that I process information, the way that I deal with situations, and the way that I approach challenges. Before I knew that I only needed to live each day one step at a time, but now I practice it. I find that I have more patience and understanding for all who surround me, including myself. I have also come to truly comprehend the depth that we are all one; we all mirror each other, and we all can learn so much about ourselves simply by trying to understand and love those around us. There are always new heights to be reached, and we are each so blessed to have new opportunities presented to us daily.

I have an incredible feeling about the year 2011. I know that it will be the year of prosperity for so many. It is not just another year that we ?have? to overcome, but things are looking up everywhere. This is a year to take a step forward. It is the beginning?a fresh start?and I am motivated to help make our world a better place. Just as a new seed is planted, it grows with sunlight and brings a sense of freshness and life to the air. We all have this capability. Imagine what would happen if everyone felt/acted this way! I want to have fun this year; I want to enjoy the company of all, and I want to enjoy each moment that I am living. Why not relish in each moment? All moments, whether or not you believe that they are good or bad, have a lesson to teach us. Whether or not we choose to allow ourselves to enjoy them is the key. Choose yes!

Each year, I make a list of goals that I want to achieve for the New Year. I believe this is one of the most important things in starting the New Year because it gives us direction, and it helps us to keep moving forward in life. When we move forward, we feel good about ourselves, and we gain satisfaction and confidence. This year, one of my main goals is simply to REACH PEOPLE. There are too many in the world who are ?healthlessly hopeless,? and they truly believe that there is no way to overcome sickness, disease, illness, laziness, injury, habituation, depression, or mere dissatisfaction. Myself along with hundreds of others in our co-op are living, breathing, and running examples that this is simply not true. Our co-op has the potential to feed thousands each week?to bring health to thousands of families. In addition, we have the abundance to make living Rawfully healthy possible. The co-op makes an abundance of food affordable, and it even surrounds you with like-minded individuals who want to encourage you and help you reach your ultimate goals. We support each other, and we even support our local farmers. All benefit. All share. All love. ALL THE TIME!

Share the gift of life, health, and happiness with yourself and with everyone this year. FEED yourself with vibrant, living foods, and you will find life! SHARE the gift of living Rawfully Happy, and you will find joy! LOVE the life you were given and give thanks?you will find peace and happiness!

I am excited to begin the journey of living 2011 with all of you. You hold my heart Rawfully Organic!