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The Convenience Factor

July 19, 2010 6:17 pm

I hope that you had the most refreshing weekend! This has been the perfect weekend for getting hot and cooling off! I enjoyed an awesome run in the steaming sun at Terry Hershey, only to get showered on by summer rains. My favorite part is when the asphalt began to smoke as it cooled down from the rain showers.? I cannot think of a better day: co-oping in the morning, sunshine, running in afternoon, cooling rain, abundant food, and amazing company! Did I mention that we had abundant blueberries, HUGE watermelons, honeydews, nectarines, greens, plums, and figs this week?! We all have so much for which to be grateful! Sometimes, it the simplest things in life that keep us happy and that keep us satisfied.

When things are easy, they are convenient. Sometimes, we don?t realize how convenient some things are because we do them so often; they come naturally to us. For many, being healthy is a struggle. Many ask me often if living a raw food lifestyle or if being healthy is convenient. All I can respond to ask is the following: “What is not convenient about having perfect health?” “Isn’t life hugely inconvenient when you are unhealthy???” The truth is all that it takes is a bit of passion and determination. The struggle lasts only in your mind; it ends when you say that it ends. If we truly want to accomplish something, we must make it a priority in our lives, and we must make it easier to achieve this goal. Many take different approaches to this. Whether it is making a goal, proper planning, scheduling meals, setting work-out times, or finding continuous support, all of our strategies assist us in the end. Let?s face it: if it?s not convenient, most likely, we may not stick with it. We must create our own convenience.

I never think twice about being raw. Eating a 100% raw diet has become so intertwined into my life that living in the ?real world? while doing this is just as easy as living my life. I know now how my body functions, when I must east meals, how I must plan meals, how I can travel, how to ripen fruit, how I can exercise on the go, how I can help others, and how I can live as an example. With each passing day, I still become more graceful in this process. The learning process never ends, and we must always be shifting and adjusting to adapt to our surroundings. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Here are ten easy ways to make living RAWFULLY and HEALTHFULLY easier in your life:

  1. Always have fruits and veggies available to you. Surround yourself with them! The minute that you run out, you are more inclined to eat something that is not healthy. You will increase your cravings as well.
  2. Do not limit yourself to any amount of fruits or vegetables. Eating more fruits and veggies will decrease your cravings for other foods. Please remember that you must eat almost twice as many fruits/veggies to get the necessary amount of calories from cooked foods, so don?t be afraid to stuff your face!
  3. Keep track of your intake. It helps you to truly figure out how much you are eating, if you are eating enough, and what amounts you are eating. Visit for a desktop download.
  4. Mono-mealing fruit ( during the day makes life quick and easy. Sometimes bringing a bag of fruit like grapes or bananas to work creates efficiency and is much less complicated than waking up and pre-preparing a salad. Eat a large salad when you get home from dinner, and you will see how much more that you enjoy it!
  5. Schedule your eating times during the day. Make time to eat! Sometimes, life gets so busy that we forget and end up binging later. Make the time and create balance.
  6. Make sure that you buy enough food for both you and your family. I have learned that if I only buy enough for myself and if my family ends up wanting some of my stash, I am left either hungry or having to go and purchase more. This creates a feeling of hopelessness, and we must avoid it! This can lead to other ?bad? choices in the grocery store. Spend the money to have more fruit and veggies around the house. This will decrease your budget everywhere else, including your dotor bill!!!
  7. Communicate and share your new eating passion with others. The more that you share this gift with others, the more that it becomes a part of you. You will come to love and accept it more, and others will see and accept this change within you. This makes it less socially akward for you. If you are excited about it, they will be too!
  8. If you need to go out for a meal, you can do one of four things. Firstly, you can call beforehand to let them know that you eat only raw foods, and ask them if you can be accommodated. Secondly, many individuals carry a card that states a list of the raw items that they can eat. Have the waiter pass this on to the chef. Thirdly, you can bring your own food and ask them to prepare them for you. Fourth, you can eat before you come, and simply enjoy the company of your friends.
  9. Try to find time to exercise each week. This time can even be taking a walk around your office building during lunch break. I always tell people that they must ?earn? their meals. Exercise is good for you. Period. It also helps to increase your appetite, and it makes you happier!
  10. Find friends and family that support you! This is one of the most essential components. When we feel supported, it brings us confidence to succeed until we can lift off on our own. Just do it!

Hindering Questions that I have received:

Is your health convenient?

YES! ABSOLULTEY!! Is living convenient???

When is it convenient to go raw?

What are you waiting for?!

What will others think?

You cannot live your life based on what others think.

Can I do this?

Do you want to do this?

What if I need more variety?

You get more WAY more variety in a year eating raw than the SAD diet.

How do you make it convenient?

Just do it!

Convenience applies to all areas of our lives and not just the health aspect. As I have tried to find us the best new co-op spot, convenience has been one of the most important decision factors. I truly want the pick-up to be as easy as possible for everyone, which is why I have been looking for a centrally located lot where everyone can easily come in and out, load up, visit a bit, and even enjoy some sunshine. I have had to rule out some places for the mere fact that it may drive our members away. While some places may be considered ?super-cool? and may gain us popularity, I believe that we will lose our numbers if the location is too inconvenient. In the end, I know that we will keep the spirit of the co-op alive by keeping it real and by keeping our original co-op values alive.

I want to thank everyone for your patience in this move as it feels like we are playing hopscotch quite a bit. Until our perfect spot comes, there are greater visions in place that I hope we can create. In the meantime, more good food, amazing company, and great sunshine is on the way!!! Thank you all for being a part of my family. I hold so much love in my heart for each and every one of you, and I cannot wait to see you this week!