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The Contagion: Creating Proactivism!

May 24, 2010 4:29 pm

I hope that everyone has had the most sun-filled weekend! I have had so many great learning experiences this weekend that I simply do not know how to share all of the emotions that are jumping around in my heart! Many people may not look at my weekend and think that it was the best weekend ever, but it was a weekend that provided me SO much opportunity to improve not only the co-op, but also myself as a person. After weekends that truly push me forward, I always feel the best when I take the steps necessary to make life better! I view any challenge as an opportunity to create change and to grow. When one takes these signs and chooses to act on them, they create PROACTIVISM!

Proactivism is contagious! I am coining the word! I have defined proactivism as the following:

Taking any given challenge or situation and viewing it as a blessing and opportunity for improvement and for growth.

I think it is so beautiful to be given the chance to improve who you are and everything around you. When you have this mindset, then you are continuously making things better and better! ?Many people desire to be perfect, but life would be so boring if everything was perfect all of the time! How can we improve ourselves if we are never shown that we need to improve? Many become quickly discouraged anytime something ?bad? happens; however, they fail to see that this is simply a chance for them to make things better! It is a BLESSING to be given the chance to make situations better for all. Why would we want to stay in the same stuck place all of the time and feel hopeless that we cannot do anything to make things better? Holy basil, we are being given an opportunity to make our lives even better than they were before! What a GREAT way to look at it!

How can one ever improve if things are always going according to one?s plan? When one takes something and sees beautiful that can be created, it almost becomes contagious to try to make everything around you improve. This is what the co-op is all about! It is being co-operative so that we can continuously improve our community (and our world!) and place us all on an uphill climb!

When people are communicating the blessing of the co-op?it?s simply a contagion! It is contagious because there is nothing else like it. Where else can you find some place that is not money driven and that aims to create an abundance of food to eat! The benefits of being apart of the co-op family and of being able to share a part of your soul with others almost outweighs the benefit of getting the huge box of food!? When something is a true, beautiful contagion, it has the potential to create amazing proactivism. Individuals cannot keep something so beautiful for themselves because it brings them no joy to hoard it all. What good is it to have a chest of treasure if you cannot share it with others?? More and more I am hearing about people in the co-op who are not only spreading the word, but also that are reaching out to help one another in a time of need. My heart is touched when I see strangers reach out to offer help to someone else. Even if it is something as small as offering to carry their box for them, the gesture is still appreciated beyond all means.

The co-op has become a safe haven for so many, and I cannot even begin to express how many individuals use it out their outlet in the week to come and de-stress. I chuckled to myself every time someone came up to volunteer and said, ?Throw me something, I had to get here because I needed my co-op time!? Whether you do it for the betterment of yourself or if you wish to spread goodness to others, the co-op is simply a contagion. What it creates spreads like wildfire, and I am INCREDIBLY humbled to be able to watch such miracles take place DAILY.

Spreading goodness is simply contagious. It feels so good, and it?s so addictive that it creates proactivism! I find that the two coincide and go hand in hand. ?I am so thankful to even be given any sign to show me that things can be much better! Just when I think it is not possible to have the co-op get better, I am quickly shown that a whole new world of food, family, friends, and gifts await me. ?The possibilities are endless, and cannot wait to see how we all grow together.

This week, I hope that this letter inspires you to look at every challenge as an opportunity to improve your life in the best of ways. Take it on full force, and create proactivism! Make the change that you want in your life so that YOU can feel full satisfaction and happiness in all of your endeavors. Do not be discouraged, but be encouraged that the universe is turning to make life better for YOU! You can achieve anything in which you place your heart and soul to do! Listen to the voice in your heart no matter what, and allow your feet to move you forward. If you are afraid, tell yourself that the fear is only because you are venturing into the unknown. This ?unknown? could be a great new beginning for you!

Hug, love, and eat well. I hope to see you this week!