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The ABC’s of Life

March 2, 2010 5:54 pm

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and hope that you were able to snuggle up with a loved one to keep warm! We?ve only hot one more month of winter-like weather before Spring, and February always passes quickly since it is another month of love! This month, I am going to use the newsletters to focus on all sorts of love. There is love of oneself, love for others, love of the earth, and love of foods! There is so much to celebrate!

We are a little low on sunshine this week, and without sunshine, it becomes a bit harder to exercise, to relax, and to take a deep breath. This may not seem like an important thing, but the breaths that you take keep your body energized, functioning focused, and calm. Breath holds life! Is it safe to assume that the more that we breathe, the more we live? We literally have the power to energize our bodies in more ways than one! There is so much symbolism behind breathing, for it is one of the processes that we mindlessly do each day.

Many people do not realize how little they truly breathe throughout the day. Many only breathe very shallowly, and it can cause sleepiness, lack of energy, and even depression. If you can, try to pay more attention to your breathing patterns, and see how good it feels to breathe more in your day. J

Therefore, this week, I?ve decided to focus on my breathing to bring more life to life and to keep me energized. Just because it is raining does not mean that we have to fall short of energy or keeping our vibrancies alive. Something else on which to love this week as you may be setting goals for yourself are the ABC?s of life. I found these etched on an old stone box this past weekend as I was cleaning out my room. The stone box was given to me as a gift, and I find it truly amazing that certain messages always pop up when we need them the most. These ABC?s are truly beautiful goals from which to live, and I wanted to share them with everyone because they bring me joy. There is one goal for each letter in the alphabet:

Accept differences

Be kind

Count your blessings


Express thanks


Give Freely

Harm no one

Imagine more

Jettison Anger

Keep confidences

Love truly

Master something

Nurture hope

Open your mind

Pack lightly

Quell Rumors


Seek Wisdom

Touch hearts


Value truth

Win graciously


Yearn for Peace

Zealously support a worthy cause

With each of these goals, I pray that you find peace, joy, and abundance. I also hope that you will be able to breathe in life as you have never breathed it before. Make each breath a deep inhalation of gratitude. Everything in life is to be celebrated, and we are all so very blessed to be here to live and to share love. I hope that you are able to live this message and to spread it indefinitely!

I dedicate this week?s newsletter and boxes to our beloved Anna Tipps who passed away Sunday evening. We are so glad that she is no longer in pain, and we keep her in our prayers. Anna, I love you.