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Soil Yourself

June 14, 2010 6:29 pm

Good day! I hope that you are beginning the week productively and that you are accomplishing all that you set your heart to do! This past week we had SOOO many delicious summer treats that my entire house is bursting with summer colors and goodness! This is absolutely my favorite time of the year, and I know that my body thanks me so much for all of the amazing foods that I am putting into my body. Summer is the perfect time to ground yourself, and dare I say it?soil yourself!

You may notice that TASTE has everything to do with fruits and veggies. Sometimes, you may get one cherry that tastes much sweeter than the one you previously ate. You may notice the opposite. There are many different factors involved in how sweet fruit tastes, and there are hundreds upon thousands of reasons why some fruits or vegetables may have a higher nutrient content than others.? Although there are several reasons for the high/low nutrient quality and sweet/bland taste, I will outline the primarily essentials to help you understand that nourished soil equal to a healthy, happy body. The top three things that I will discuss are:

  1. Proper Ripening Techniques/ Knowledge of Ripening
  2. Organic Produce, Local Produce, and Seasonal Availability
  3. Nutrient Content in the Soil

For fruits, the longer that you leave them to sit out, the more they will ripen. When many people think that a fruit has gone bad, I consider it to be perfectly ripe to eat. For instance, when many individuals see bananas with freckles on them, they automatically throw them away because they assume that the fruit has rotted. However, the freckles denote that the starches in the fruit have finally converted to carbohydrates, and they are perfectly ready to consume. One will notice that the banana is TWICE as sweet when it is eaten with these spots. In addition, when all of the starches are converted to sugars, the fruit is much easier to digest. Eating unripe fruit can create constipation and even discomfort or gas!

For vegetables, it is better to eat them as quickly as possible since the nutrient content will only decrease as the days pass; however, I have found more intense vegetables (more rough or harder to digest) can actually become softer over time and easier to chew. For instance, many are unaware that if you leave beets on your counter for an entire week without touching them, they actually turn soft like a peach! That?s right! You will notice that you will be able to squeeze them a bit with your fingers. When you wait to eat them at this point, the beet is actually TWICE as sweet than when you first received it when it was hard. Other vegetables such as broccoli are easier to eat raw in these instances. Granted, it is not as easy to eat a lot of them; however, if you are attempting to eat them raw, it is better to eat them when they are easier to chew.

Organic is essential, hands down. When you use chemical fertilizers or pesticides in your soil, it diminishes the quality and taste of whatever you are growing. It also reduces the nutrient content of your food. Studies have shown that the nutrient content found in 7 organic oranges is equivalent to that of 21 non-organic oranges. In other words, you will need to eat 21 non-organic oranges in order to get the same amount of nutrients that you get from 7 organic oranges. It is also quite apparent to the world public now that any pesticide can create health issues, including cancers and other diseases. If individuals who work in non-organic spraying fields are required to wear full-on intensely covered body suits while they are spraying the crops, why on earth would we consume the sprayed produce? They are protecting their lungs and skin from such chemicals, and we are ingesting them. Something about that does NOT sound viable. True, organic produce is grown according to the laws of nature, and it is simply true to how nature intended it to be grown. Non-organic producers and growers will attempt to grow certain produce items out of season. Many will notice that peaches during winter time taste like plastic. Also, attempting to force grow something out of season will not create nutrient-dense food.

If you believe in homegrown and if you believe in permaculture, then you believe in organic. If you do not believe in man-made seeds or if you do not believe in tampering with mother earth, there is no other way but organic. Period.

If you are one that believes that non-local produce grown from large California farms tastes better than some local produce grown here in Texas, your taste buds are not lying to you. This has EVERYTHING to do with the richness and nutrient content of the soil. The richer the soil, the more abundant and delicious the crop. California may be sitting on a soil goldmine; yet, they also invest heaps into their soil in order to produce truly amazing crops. The more that we invest in our soil, the more that we invest in our food, in our taste buds, in nutrient content, and in our bodies. Soil content creates a ripple effect for the universe, and it ultimately feeds us to create greater change. Why would we accept anything less than the best? Everyone must be aware that the soil?s nutrient density is just as important as how the food is grown. Therefore, if you want more delicious organic produce wherever you are, first focus on your soil. Watch your abundance grow.

Soiling yourself has everything to do with soil. It also has everything to do with your mind, body, and spirit. When I talk of soil, it is synonymous with the earth and with us personally. There are so many metaphors about how we can ground ourselves with food and ground ourselves emotionally to create balance in life. In my next blog newsletter, I will discuss the emotional aspect of soiling oneself and how grounding yourself with eating properly can create harmony all around you.

I hope that you have the BEST week ever growing, learning, and loving. I also wish that you soil yourself deeply to create the best you possible. Create your dreams, and grow upwards and outwards! If I were a nectarine tree, I would be producing as many sweet fruits to share with others as I possibly could grow! I hope to see or hear from you all this week.

Many, many hugs.