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Show “ME” the Love!

February 14, 2011 7:32 am

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you have been enjoying the incredible weather that we have had this past weekend! I have been soaking up the Vitamin D, and I am all smiles now! How can I not be happy with all of the gorgeous strawberries and blueberries that we had arrive last week!?? :)

Many of you know that this is Valentine?s Day week, which is, of course, a week filled with mucho love!? You either love this holiday or you disregard it. Either way, the media will surround you with hype about spending this day with your lucky beloved. The day becomes all about one of two things: eating chocolate and getting depressed that you are single, OR becoming preoccupied with the perfect Valentine?s Day plans. Ironically, there is one majorly important person that is forgotten on this holiday that should be granted ALL of the love in the world?YOU!

I love Valentine?s Day because I use the opportunity to show ME how much I love and appreciate myself. Don?t take this one lightly; this is hugely important! This is a day where I show love to ME?my body, spirit, mind, and soul. All year long we focus on everyone else, and rarely do we do anything to treat ourselves to show ourselves some self-love. After all, are we not the most important people in our life?

Showing appreciation and care for your body is one of the most essential and enjoyable beauties in life. You don?t have to be in a relationship or even single to learn this lesson, but it may take a lot of encouraging self-talk if you are struggling in your own skin. Many individuals lack self-confidence; therefore, they never take care of themselves or put themselves first when their needs are the ones that essentially must be met. Because many lack self-love, they participate in self-sabotage. Examples of self-sabotage include eating poorly, over-eating, avoiding exercise, negative self-talk, etc. The task of showing self-love may come easier to some than others, but there is nothing more beautiful than acting on behalf of your own betterment of self. Just think, if we were to focus on our self-improvement daily, imagine how much more freeing would this world become! When we make ourselves better individuals, the world becomes a better place for all. My change starts with ME, and it continues with ME. I am the change that I seek in the world, and the power to have love in my life lies within my own heart and soul. The power of love lies within ME!

In order to love yourself, you must have GUSTO. That?s right, I said gusto. You must have a desire or zest for feeling good?even if just an inkling of inspiration. You are about to take your first step towards truly showing yourself how much that you mean to YOU.? Can you honestly say now that you are 100% content and accepting of who you are? What are gifts that you would like to expose and share with the world? What are the desires of your heart that you wish to achieve?

When you eat more loving foods such as colorful fruits and vegetables, you will naturally feel better. When you feel better, your self-talk is much more positive. When you think more positively, you become a ray of light for all who surround you, and you become an inspiration. If you do not know how to begin taking better care of yourself, one of the easiest ways to begin the process of loving yourself is to eat better and exercise more. Make yourself the most colorful salad that you can imagine for dinner, and sit down with yourself to enjoy every bite. Indulge in the day, and spend the night appreciating the blessings in your life. Even spending more time in nature can bring you peace. Sleeping earlier will bring you calmness and relaxation. Avoiding eating late will bring you more self-discipline, and giving more hugs will open your heart. The little things that we do to enjoy our presence mean the most. Simple ME time can arouse powerful gratitude for life.

I want you to walk around today and say, ?SHOW ME THE LOVE!? If you say it enough, you will believe it enough to achieve it! Spread this message of love to create a fun environment all around you. When you share with yourself, you share with others. Make a list of all of the things that YOU would like to do today, and show yourself some love! Today is YOUR day, and you can do anything that you want to do. Make the choice. We will have a sunny week all week, and I cannot wait to spread more abundant boxes of fruits and veggies. ?Those boxes spread LOTS of love! 😉

I hope to see you this week. I send my warmest hugs! :)