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Show Me Some Love!

February 15, 2010 6:34 am

We had our first taste of summer sunshine this weekend, and it was delicious! I was incredibly grateful to see the sun after the cold, wet chill of Thursday evening. I have to say that I am ENORMOUSLY grateful for each person who came to come and help sort/clean in the freezing, pouring rain that day. The boxes looked beautiful, and we never would have finished without each person?s help! Thank you for being such wonderful co-operators! It was truly a gift to be able to have co-op Thursday. Everyone got their yummies just in time for Valentine?s Day, and I hope that everyone was able to make something very yummy and special for their loved ones!

You know that when some message pops out at you more than once that you need to listen to it. Last week I wrote about making your health your safety net. When you can depend on nothing else, make your health something that you can depend on to help pull you through any given circumstance. Show love to yourself by taking care of your own needs. This past weekend, I had numerous people tell me just to rest and to get some sleep. When someone hears that, they know it is time to take some ?me-time!?

For those of you who may not know what ?me-time? is, it is absolutely essential. Me time is simply where you spend time with yourself taking care of your own needs. I think it was the theme of the weekend as I heard of so many who were simply wanting to enjoy themselves this weekend, and they wanted to share this feeling of freedom, love, and care with others. I heard of many who were going to take a warm bath with essential oils, walk in the park, take a nap by the fire, make a gorgeous dinner, and even have a movie marathon. If you know me well, you know that I usually do not have too much time to sleep. After hearing from several little cupids this weekend that I need to take this chance to get some sleep, I did! Both Saturday and Sunday evenings I was in bed before midnight! I have to say that this almost felt like a miracle, but it was a wonderful lesson nonetheless that even in busy weekends, anything is possible if you wish it to be.

Taking care of your own needs is so incredibly important in any given circumstance. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to take care of ourselves because we are worried that we may not be able to take care of someone else?or that something else will not get completed. We all have so many responsibilities on our plate that we sometimes forget that our minds, bodies, and spirits are also our responsibilities. It may sound a bit selfish to think that you must put yourself first in any given day, but isn?t that what we are supposed to do? If we do not take care of our own needs first and foremost, how can we help others to take care of their needs.

If we put everyone?s needs before our own continuously and never take time for ourselves, we will no longer be able to help others. We will possibly need someone to come and care for us!? While it may feel good to have someone take care of you, you will feel ten times better when you know that you are able to take care of yourself. You will feel free, vibrant, healthful, and appreciative. You will know that you truly love and respect YOURSELF. It is not selfish, but it is absolutely necessary in life in order to enjoy who you are. This is self-love. I was my own Valentine this year because I wanted to show some love to myself by relaxing and by getting some sleep. The beautiful challenge is being able to do this daily and consistently year-round. It may take planning on a daily basis to be able to do one-thing for self-love each day, but it is absolutely essential.

I want to be able to show love to the world; therefore, I will show love to myself. I want more miracles on this earth to be possible; therefore, I will extend myself to bring them into life. If we want more abundance, more joy, more satisfaction, more love, or more health, we have the power to bring these into our lives. Our first step in this process is putting ourselves first. We must take time for ourselves. We must LOVE ourselves.

The gratification, the repercussions, and depth of this love are incomprehensible! For when you truly love yourself, you have the ability to better love others. When you love yourself, you show more love to the world without knowing that you do so. This love vibrates and expands, creating a force field around you, and it emits a good energy to others. Imagine what can happen if we all love ourselves! Show ?me? some love! 😉