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Ruby Red Schnazzzberries!

April 13, 2010 6:45 am

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! We said goodbye to our last winter showers and even got a little taste of summer this past week. Call me nutty, but I love the heat! The boxes were so amazing that they even beat last week in terms of local items, and the boxes looked like the were blooming! Thank you everyone for supporting our little haven that creates so much abundance. It is easy to see that the more individuals who support it, the more abundance that we have. When we share this gift, we can only reap good.

My favorite treats in the boxes the past two weeks have been the incredible local strawberries from Gundermann Farms. A friend told me that they look like little red rubies, and they do! They sparkle in your eye just enough for you to think to yourself that you want one! I love the strawberries so much that I bought two entire cases for myself this week.? I held them close to me as if they were my treasure, and I fell in love with them so much that I was hoarding them hahaha! I felt like Gollum in Lord of the Rings! After I separated myself from them a little bit, I realized that behavior was not typical of me. I am usually giving away all of the food that I have, and I always know that even more abundance is heading my way so soon. I learned a valuable lesson about giving from the heart and about the secret to receiving abundance.

Do you remember the girl named Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka who kept saying, ?But daddy, I want one too!? At a point in the movie, she found strawberries, and she called them schnazzzberries as if they had their own attitude. She licked the walls, she stole candy, and she wanted the golden ticket all for herself. She definitely did not want to share her treats, and she was completely immersed in herself. She disobeys Willy Wonka by purposefully grabbing gum that contains Tomato soup, roast beef, and blueberry pie for dessert. Her character does not make it until the end of the movie because she turns into a giant blueberry! She is rolled away by the Oompa Loompas and loses her chance at winning the golden ticket prize. The protagonist Charlie, on the other hand, is the main character who wins in the end of the movie. He has a heart of gold, and because he is humble and shares, he finds success! Perhaps this is a simply kids? story, but there are so many of life?s lessons in kids? movies. Even though we are adults, there are plenty of instances where I feel like I am a child all over again. Was it really that far away?! When did we start teaching lessons that we ourselves have not yet mastered? I still have plenty of lessons to re-learn. The sole fact that I must re-learn them makes me wonder if I ever learned them at all!

I am learning SO much about genuinely giving from the heart. We all know that sharing is caring, but sharing becomes significant because it teaches us how to let go and to trust. We must trust that whatever we have just released will come back to us twofold. I have learned that the first way to make sure that you are fulfilled is simply to be grateful for the opportunity to share it with someone. If it does not bring you joy in your heart, then focus on this joy. Think of the joy that it brings them through the offering. Joy is a powerful emotion that can only reap more joy. When we focus on appreciation, it is difficult not to shift any sour mode in which we may sit. Feeling negative emotions only fosters more of them, but opening our hearts to feel love and to be open will only reciprocate such emotions.

Sharing does not have to be with physical objects or with food, but it can be with anything. We have built a co-operative based upon the ethic of sharing food with each other, and it is beautiful. I see everyone swapping from their boxes, offering apples, making dinners, sharing recipes, building friendships, building communities, etc. However, there is so much more that we can share. A few months ago I wrote that a simple act of kindness can shift the energy between two individuals, and it can shift your energy too! As the weeks pass, we have the choice for our lives to consecutively get better and better. I firmly believe that we are always on an uphill climb, and every week, I watch as more beautiful things in life unfold. Choose to see every event, every happening, every object, and every person as a blessing. Even if you are dealing with rocky roads, these roads are there as an opportunity for you from which to grow. If we ignore the lessons that are placed before us, how can we improve our lives? To shy away from circumstances such as these will only keep us running around in circles until we spin into a fall. As a good friend of mine Alix states, ?I want to be less mean and stupid than I was yesterday.? We can only be better today than we were yesterday. Throw it all out on the table and move forward! It?s ok! We will all still be loved even if we make mistakes.

One of the last things that I wish to become is a blue Oopma Loompa. Therefore, I have already begun sharing my sschhnazzzberries to all around me. The joy that I have received from this has created such a beat in my heart that I cannot describe it. This lesson is not just about the strawberries, but it is about so much more. If we can conceive it, the realization has more to do with opening our hearts to the world?living freely with no strings attached. It brings us closer to a pure place of acceptance. All good can come our way.

Take life one-step at a time, but in your heart, believe that things just keep getting better and better. We have the power to make life the best that it can be for us. Do things that make you smile. Give. Share. Breathe. Love. Nourish yourself in every possible way that you can. If you have a ruby, share this ruby and watch the true wealth that it brings to the world.