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Receive Like You Want to Give

August 16, 2010 6:32 am

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I found this weekend to be especially enjoyable since so many are coming back in town for school to begin! I have loved getting to see faces that I have not had a chance to see all summer, and I have loved being in the summer sun! I know that it can be hot, but we must enjoy it while it is here!

We are in a time where situations seem to be rough for many, and in times like this, we tend to focus more on ourselves or our families than anything else. When we go into what I call ?survival mode,? we are only preoccupied with ourselves. Time seems short, and life is too busy to enjoy. We are pinched for all enjoyable necessities, and we may even go a period of time without talking to dear ones. ?Ironically, it is in these times that I find that the one true remedy to feeling tight and reserved…is to give to others. It is in giving to others what we want to receive that we will give back to ourselves. When we give, we are set free.

This past week I feel as if so many have given to me, and I think I will always feel as if I will never truly be able to give back as much as I give. It motivates me to want to give more! I already know that I am a giver, but I have learned lately that giving goes hand in hand with receiving.

One of the hardest things in the world to do is to receive. ?Some people receive really well. Others avoid receiving so that they can give to others. Sometimes, receiving a gift with completely pure intentions-without expecting anything, absolutely nothing, in return-from another person is difficult to accept and even to comprehend. If someone hands us a gift, we may feel the need to give something back, right?

It is very difficult for me to receive without feeling like I need to give back. Well, I have learned that while giving is essential in life, you can, in fact, give too much. If you are continuously giving, you have no room to focus on giving back to yourself. Ironically, if we do not give back to ourselves, then we cannot give back to others. Therefore, if we love ourselves and set proper boundaries, we find more joy in giving and receiving. The more we give, the more we receive. The more we receive, the more we give.

I find it essential that every lesson that we learn in life is relative. Each lesson leads to another lesson or links to another in some way. In giving, we learn to receive, and vice versa. Ultimately, if we open our hearts, we learn more about ourselves with each lesson that is presented to us. We can only try to be better today than we were yesterday. Each day, others show me how to love myself. I learn to love myself more so that I can love others.

In a time when giving may be hard, perhaps it is harder to receive. Ironically, people must give in order for others to receive. What I believe that we all need more than anything is to create a 360 of giving and receiving. We are fulfilling and being filled. We are sharing and feeding. We are hugging and being hugged. We must branch outward to show love to all. The minute that we shift our focus away from scarcity, the focus on abundance in the world also changes. Money, loneliness, jobs, stock markets, gas, sleep, clients, chores, repairs, and ?meanies? all become insignificant when you realize that life offers us so much more. What truly matters are the things that can make our hearts feel like they want to smile.

When you want to help yourself, give to others.

When you want to help others, give to yourself.

All benefit no matter what. Honor is shown and honor is given. As my friend Alix Rodwell quotes, ?When I honor and respect myself, I am honoring and respecting others.?

I hope that this week you are able to receive as well as you give, and receive as well as you give. ?Lettuce? create a new abundance on this earth that satiates us with an incomprehensible zest for life. Lettuce feed ourselves goodness and light. :)

Hope to see you this week!? Hugs!