REACH PEOPLE | Rawfully Organic


November 15, 2010 7:40 am

Whoa nelly! It?s a bit chilly in Houston, but not for too long! I hope that you all have had a restful and beautiful weekend! I have been in heaven with our persimmons, baby bok choys, dates, and almonds! Who knew that so many combinations were possible from the dozens of items in our boxes! For anyone who has not met my belly Chacho, he has come alive again!

Last week I wrote about why I choose to be 100% raw personally. This week, I want to tell you my real desire: I simply want to REACH PEOPLE. I truly desire to spread the word about living raw, living vibrantly, and living healthfully. While many of you may say, ?Oh, Kristina, but you are already doing so much to spread the word!? Yes, and no. There is always so much more to be done.

Over the past year, I am sure that you will attest that your diet is much healthier (or at least you have opened your awareness) to eating healthier. You may find yourself confused from time to time with controversial or faulty raw foods information, but all in all, you are taking strides towards improving what enters your body. This is fantastic!

If you are truly passionate, I am sure that you have shared your journey with many others, but perhaps not with everyone that you know. One of the most difficult challenges for individuals to do is to share with others what they are trying to achieve with their health. Many trying to live a raw food lifestyle fear talking to others in social setting for the sole purpose of what others will think. Is that you? Are you comfortable enough that you can walk into a public setting and be completely open about your eating goals? When I first went raw, I was not as convincing in my arguments as I am today. However, I grew into my own skin while eating raw, and this confidence merely shines through me. I love answering questions, helping others eat well, and preparing dishes to share. Most importantly, I love exposing myself to share this gift. Our abundance is a gift. Why would you keep this from anyone?! The more the merrier!

Our growing knowledge must be shared with the greater Houston area, if not the world. There are too many people, even within our own city, who are unaware of their failing health. Many may make excuses as to why they cannot change their lifestyles, and many choose not to do so. There is nothing that you can do about the ones who wish to wallow in their ways; yet, you can be there as a guiding light for others to strive to change. As my aunt once quoted to me, ?Live as an example at all times, and when necessary, use words.? So I will say to you the following:

Live as a perfect picture of health for the whole world to see and reach them on an inspirational level.? When necessary, use words.


To reach others we must first reach ourselves. We must perfect our way of living before we can offer that gift to others. Otherwise, we have nothing to give. We take away from them, and we cut ourselves short. Who wants that? We want honesty, integrity, and love all around us, so why not live it? We cannot convince if we do not 100% believe and perform.

All of my volunteers this week reached out.? All of our co-operators reached out. The fact that they came to help sort the shares or to pick up boxes was a simple step in sharing the love. What are some other ways that you want to reach people?

Share the word about living Rawfully happy.
Spread the love of food that comes in our boxes.
Labor in veggie love with volunteers.
Encourage others to be successful in living a 100% raw food lifestyle.
Share new foods with people for them to try (and crave!)
Enjoy the company of others who enjoy like-minded activities.
Communicate effectively with all.
Serve our community.

Imagine the amazing place that we can create if everyone reaches out a hand to make a better home for us all. There is power in numbers, and we are powerful people. We have the blessings of the world feeding our bodies, and for that, we can only be grateful. If you are passionate about living healthfully, reach others by reaching yourself. Love yourself and watch the rest follow.

I hope to see and hear from you this week!

Reaching out with hugs!