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Raw Meal in 1 Minute!

January 23, 2012 9:27 am

Kristina EAT IT RAW HANC Class This has been a RAWESOME weekend! Not only did over 450 families pick up from co-op last week alone, but also my EAT IT RAW Class at the Houston Arboretum was sold out! ROCN with fresh, organic produce from our beloved coop, the class addressed questions and concerns about eating a raw lifestyle, and I prepared a three course meal for all who came! My next two prep classes at Sur la Table are coming up in February, and you can check out those events here! You can also see uploaded pictures from yesterday’s class here!

One of the most common fears that I hear from people about eating raw or healthy is that they simply don’t have time. Having been FullyRaw for 6.5 years, I am here to testament that this effort saves time, energy, and despair! For this reason, I have just uploaded a brand new YouTube entitled 1 Minute Raw Meal in which I bring home my co-op box, and I prepare a Raw Meal for you in literally 1 minute! Please check it out and share it! Later on this week, I plan to launch my new website called FullyRaw, which focus on feeding you raw food education so that you can feed your body happy!

I will be featured as a guest speaker on Rawpalooza this week, and you don’t want to miss my interview along with 50 other Raw Food Pioneers in the movement! I am posting new recipes, videos, events, and ideas to our facebook page to motivate you to keep strong in your desires! Please “like”?the page or friend me (Kristina!) to get our updates! Join the RAWvolution!

I am having the time of my life building relationships with all of you, and I am honored to co-operate with you weekly! I may bring an abundance of food to your homes, but you bring an abundance of love to my heart! I hope to see you all this week for a hug…or two! Horray!