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Raw Low Fat Deep Dish Lasagna!

March 6, 2012 12:55 am

Raw Food Deep Dish LasagnaClick Here for Raw Lasagna Video Local KholrabiThis is a very special week for 4 reasons! First, my birthday is this Sunday! I will be celebrating all week, and I have made it a tradition every year to make the boxes as uniquely abundant as possible to share my gift of life with all of you! I have to admit, I am known for sticking exotic and special treats in the boxes during my birthday week! Order the birthday box special from ROC! Watch Raw Deep Dish Lasagna!

Secondly, this is our last week for dates! We will have our last batches on the table, and we will be selling them by the case for you to savor! They last up to a year in your fridge! If you wish to reserve a case, please email They will go fast!

Thirdly, I have created a fabulous new recipe for Raw Deep Dish Lasagna that is…EPIC! For years, I have tried to come up with a low-fat raw vegan recipe for lasagna that wasn’t too heavy or loaded with overt fats. I have finally perfected this recipe, and I am so excited to share it with all of you! It’s deep dish, it’s low fat raw vegan, and yes…you are allowed to eat the whole thing! I have made a New YouTube on how to make it, and you can also find the recipe here!


Finally, this week is ROC’N is because I just taught my sold out EAT IT Raw Class on Juices and Smoothies yesterday, and it was fabulous! My next class for EAT IT RAW Salads & Gazpachos is on Wednesday the 21st at 11:30 AM at Sur la Table. To sign up for this class, click here! For pictures of these events, you can find them on my facebook page or on our ROC facebook page!

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My greatest birthday gift this week will be to see all of you! I request only your presence, your support of spreading the message of Rawfully Organic/FullyRaw, and your endless hugs and kisses! Many ask what physical gifts I wish for my birthday, and I choose to be showered with live plants or your love! Nothing more! Lettuce be grateful for this life we have been given and celebrate our journeys together!