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Party in My Mouth!

February 7, 2011 7:49 am

The sun has come back out! I know that we faced some rocky weather this past week, but if I do say so myself, I believe the worst is over! Surprisingly, we still had well over 200 families come out this week even in the freezing cold!

Despite the cold, we have been getting amazing food, and as I eat my “beeting heart salad” right now, I feel like there is a party going on in my mouth! It’s during weeks like these where the best thing to do is simply to have a JAM SESSION with yourself, family, or friends. Have you ever just busted out dancing??! When you eat foods that are SO good, you cannot help but feel SO good!

Directions: enter food into mouth, hear the music, bop the head, and start the party!

If you have ever seen the Dreamworks movie called Ratatouille, then you most definitely remember the part where the mouse eats the strawberries and starts seeing psychedelic swirls in his head. This is exactly how I feel when I eat a giant salad of kale, collards, beet greens, cilantro, arugula, and swiss chard all covered with my cherry tomato dressing and topped with kiwi-orange bits! There are so many flavors in my mouth that I feel like I enter another world! When I enter this place, I completely zone out and no one can catch my attention until it is over! What? You were saying?? 😉

Every eating experience must be one that you utterly enjoy. If it is not, then you are not enjoying your food. If you do not love your food, then you are not showing love to your body. Everything that we ingest physically, emotionally, and mentally must FEED us. What we FEED to ourselves brings us life. Food is merely a representation of all that we ingest. When we ingest things that are colorful, full of life, and tasty, we feel more confident, happy, and filled with love. When we show good deeds to ourselves, we share more good with others; the world benefits from our positive energy!

Some of the best releases and moments in life are the ones where you completely just let yourself loose–no inhibitions, no insecurities, no self-consciousness, and no cares of what others think. I love coming to co-op because it is truly a place where anyone can feel like they are at an organic party! The party is not just in your mouth, but it is all around you. Anyone can completely be themselves, and they can have a JAM SESSION with others who want to celebrate as well! We get to spend time with others who love to be around colorful, organic food, good music, and inspiring people. If we were stomping on food (which we would never do!), it would be a different kind of JAM session!

Life must be an on-going party. Too often we forget to bust out with dance, song, and happy food! Life can get overwhelming, stressful, and inhibitive. Sometimes it nice to be reminded to take some “me” time and have a little fun. Shake it baby!? Zest for life is what feeds our souls.? This coming Valentine’s Day will be all about love. More than anything, I try to focus each Valentine’s Day on exuding color and emitting self-love.

I want to thank you all for making each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday a continuous party of food, laughter, and hugs. This experience FEEDS me and so many others to make it through the week and to enjoy life’s simple moments. Who says that you can’t have a party in your mouth?! Go make yourself a colorful meal and start dancing!!!

Hope to see you this week!

Hugs and love!