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Overcome Struggles Going Raw

February 20, 2012 5:40 pm

Carla and Sharon

Local Strawberries Carrot Apple Beet Salad Just Can't Get Enough Baby Grabbing Greens When it comes to health, people often feel discouraged. Individuals struggle with “getting healthy” more than anything else. The reason is because our society literally feeds unhealthy habits–physically, mentally, and even spiritually. Everyone struggles at one point to reach a point of happiness with their health, and some may never even feel uplifted physically. Because I want everyone to feel the healthful joy that I feel, I have created a new video this week focused on Overcoming Struggles Going Raw.I am dedicated to not only bring healthy happiness to our community, but also to inspire you to take your health to a new level to be as FullyRaw as possible. I want you to feel Fully Confident in your body and to thrive eating as many gorgeous and living colorful foods as possible!

Everyone always sees the absolutely amazing benefits of adapting a raw foods lifestyle; however, few address the initial transition and the detox that takes place. This scary transition is often what causes individuals to give up quickly. You CAN make it through to achieve better health! This video outlines 3 things that you must remember on any health journey!? Everyone knows someone who needs to hear this message. I request that you please forward this email to them. Imagine if everyone heard this message! Imagine the societal impact!

Our boxes this week are filled with fresh ingredients to create masterpieces for your families! Order your box from ROC, or see what’s in the shares!? I posted tons of new recipes in honor of Valentine’s Day last week, and you can see those recipes in our Rawfully Organic Recipe Archive. You can also watch the Valentine’s Day Beeting Heart Date Recipe Video! This week’s new Carrot Apple Beet Salad is shown below!

Tomorrow, I will post the sign up links to my 2 new EAT IT RAW Classes in March (4th and 21st!). Keep track of our events page here for updates! All of these classes have been sold out, so please sign up early. For pictures of these classes, you can find them on my facebook page or on our ROC facebook page!

For those who haven’t heard, my new website FullyRaw is dedicated to inspire and motivate you to be as healthy as you can be! Please visit it, follow it on facebook for daily inspirations, check for classes, and even watch for new videos! I’m here to show you raw-self-love!

As for Rawfully Organic, you can always check out our recipes, videos page, events page, and “like” our facebook page to keep up to date on co-op news! I also invite you to friend me (Kristina)! For more inspiration, please see my blog!

I hope that you all see how inspired I am to inspire YOU. I want nothing more than to “feed” you knowledge, love, and support to be as healthy as possible. When you feel good, the world feels uplifted! Hope to see you all this week at co-op!