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Our Most Valuable Resource = FOOD!

April 11, 2011 5:49 am

1358I hope that you have had a restful and SUNNY weekend! It almost felt like summer, and I LOVED every moment of sunshine! As the heat comes in, so will more fruits! We are hoping to have more strawberries and blueberries for everyone this week along with a few other surprises! As the sun feeds my skin some Vitamin D, I think about all of the other nutrients that the sun provides. The sun is our utmost life giver, and it provides us with beautiful food that we can literally not live without.

More and more you will hear people start to realize the importance of eating LOVE (local, organic, vegetable eating!). When we cannot get local, we ALWAYS have organic, and we only get the most fresh organic produce in Houston. I had a FANTASTIC conversation with a friend the other day about our MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE = FOOD!!!? More often than not, people take food in general for granted. Getting food can be a very easy thing to do; however, many people do not think about the quality of their food or from where it is sourced. Is it GOOD food? Food exists in a million categories, but is all of it really FOOD? Do chemicals and processed, packaged good count? In my opinion, NOPE.

People worry about oil, paper, gas, plastics, money, wars, Obama, gold, silver, cars, etc. Yet, I never see FOOD quality as the topic of IMMINENCY or importance in the news. Why do we not place more importance on the importance of high quality food??But what about rich soils, home-grown foods, co-ops, and farmers who grow truly nutritious food? Where’s THAT dirt??

red leafVery few are currently addressing the grave issue of terrible food quality. If you eat poor quality food, you will feel average, sluggy, down, energy-less, possibly depressed, insecure, hungry, dissatisfied, and horrible to say the least. Before I ate raw, I felt that way everyday thinking it was simply a part of my nature. I don’t know that person anymore!! When you don’t physically FEED your body properly, your mind is not fueled properly to perform your daily tasks or even handle emotional issues that may be going on around you! High quality food is essential for us to feel our best. It also tastes MUCH better! The richness of our food brings richness to our lives!

Our co-op is SO blessed to be surrounded with the absolute best quality organic produce in Houston. We get the food FRESH from the trucks the day of co-op. There is NO storage because it is delivered straight to our sites. When the local food comes, it is most likely picked the day of or within less than 24 hours of co-op! For us who have been in the co-op for a few years now, we don’t branch outside of co-op too much because we have found a gem in the middle of the desert. We have found the best quality food for the best price. We are spoiled! After recently scouting out grocery stores in the area, I was shocked at not only the quality, but also the price of the produce offered. There were some items that were SUPER pricey, and there were some that were SUPER cheap. Those that were super pricey looked average, and those that were super cheap looked…SUPER CHEAP and empty of quality.? Nothing looked like the sprinkle-in-your-face fresh that comes in our boxes. The experience of going to the store was so different for me. Where was my box? Where are my friends?? :(

I plan to change the face of our planet with our co-op!!! One tiny seed can lead a movement and live as an example for millions and billions to follow! FABULOUS quality produce AND excellent price still exists, and we are proud of it! Even if we do pay a few cents more for truly LOCAL and organic produce at times, the quality is BEYOND worth it, and it supports OUR LOCAL economy and COMMUNITY! We value resources that are essential to our daily life functions. The co-op offers one of the most essential resources on our planet: RICH QUALITY FOOD!

There is no resource more valuable than the food that we place within our bodies. Also, I believe you all to be the most amazing individuals with whom I get to interact. You have become more than my community: you have become my friends and my family. We cannot live without either of these support systems. With best quality nutrition and support, we function at our best!

Food is our most valuable resource.

We cannot live without it.

The better quality food that we get, the better individuals we become.

We must never take any of our blessings for granted. We are surrounded by so much abundance and by such beautiful, colorful produce. Lettuce spread this with the ones that we love, with ourselves, and with the world…one fruit and veggie at a time!!

Hope to see you all this week to celebrate our bounty in the sunshine!

Hugs and love,