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Not in Box = Not in Belly!

March 14, 2011 6:40 am

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you have had an awesome weekend with this sunshine! I had an incredible birthday weekend that was celebrated on both Thursday and Saturday, and I really appreciate everyone coming to share these days with me! I received the most beautiful plants and flowers! Another great birthday gift was that Saturday had over 106 boxes for the first time! We had tons of volunteers and super-fantastic energy there! Thank you EVERYONE for your help this week in making it perfectly perfect in every way!

I also got to celebrate my birthday on Sunday as I taught my first class at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center! We had a great crowd come out, and we raised over 1000k for the HANC center! Woo hoo! I showed everyone how easy it is to EAT RAW out of our boxes, and I made three easy recipes right out of our co-op boxes to share with the group! Voila! I will be teaching another class next season, so I hope that you can make it then!

As Spring is nearing and most people are literally coming out of their hibernation shell, I get many questions from people about eating raw and getting healthier. Some of my most frequently asked questions are the following:

1) You really eat RAW? ALL RAW? For 6 years?
2) Do you get all of your food from the co-op?
3) How do you eat raw and have a social life?

I can answer these questions SO easily for you because answering these questions is as easy as eating raw. Being raw is about living the lifestyle, and it is a lifestyle change. There is no doubt that you have to want better health, and it is all about the journey along the way. If you want to feel your best, which most do, then why not try?

Yes, I in July, I will have eaten a 100% raw foods diet for six years! Many of you who already know that I rid myself of hyperglycemia (pre-diabetic) by solely eating raw, but for my newbies, I share my entire story on the ROC website in the “About Kristina” page. I had the fantastic help of John Rose and Dr. Douglas Graham to train me, and it was this journey of being raw that led me to start our beloved co-op over three years ago!

I absolutely get ALL of my food from the co-op. My saying goes that, “If it is not in the box, then it is not in my belly!” I save hundreds of dollars on a weekly basis and thousands of dollars on a yearly basis buying massive amounts of produce for both myself and my family. Just because I run this co-op does not mean that I do not buy my own food. I am this co-op’s number one supporter! 😉

It’s simple: when you buy in bulk, you save money, and you get the best quality produce at the same time! What is not to lose??? Of course, there will always be items that you may crave that are not in season that you can find at the store, but I still hold myself to eat whatever is in season or whatever comes in the box. I love the challenge of being creative with the foods that we have! This is how I find new foods to love!? I know that when we eat the fruits and vegetables that are in season, we gain and absorb more from them nutritionally as well. In addition, I believe that something happens energetically when we eat in accordance with the laws of nature. When we eat raw and in season, I believe that we are tied more to the earth and grounded emotionally as well. When we feel our best, we perform at our best. I want to be at my best as much as I can as I am sure that you do too!

Finally, I would definitely say that my social life is WAY different than it used to be—and it is a MILLION times BETTER! Before I went raw, everything I did was streamlined into society via being social. Sadly, our society is way too centered around eating food. Yes, it can be fun to eat with friends, but not if it becomes a means to demean your body. We feel better when we meet our needs for proper nutrition as well as for fun socialization. If I spend time with people, I make an effort to be present with them in an activity that we both enjoy doing. This has caused me to branch out more in regards to fun activities, and I LOVE IT! If I ever have to go to a restaurant, I eat before or bring my own food for the chef to prepare. I do this for several reasons as opposed to ordering a non-organic salad in the restaurant. My primary reason is that the food we get at co-op is ten times BETTER than anything in the restaurants! Invite people over for dinner and make good food together. When I am with people, it is because I want to spend time with them. Make socialization about quality time, and be brave enough to meet your food needs at the same time. There is always a solution. Just because a crowd does it, doesn’t mean you have to as well. You feel much better when you not only eat sane, but also when you follow your heart!

I know that we have one more week left until Spring arrives, but it feels like it is already here! I am excited to share this coming week with you all! We will have abundance and sunshine! We need more volunteers to sort the boxes, and helping hands make for much more fun time! Technically, I am still celebrating my birthday, so the party continues! Woo hoo!

Hugs and love!