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ROC’N it Forward!

June 20, 2011 5:30 am

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! We were able to celebrate with nectarines, peaches, plums, melons and more! There is nothing better than being in a place of gratitude for all who surround you and for the beautiful food before you!

A few years ago I wrote a newsletter called, “Not a Service, Not a Sale.” It was a newsletter dedicated to sharing in the labor of love of the co-op. What does that mean exactly? The co-op has grown a lot lately, and it is still completely non-profit as it was since it was running with 12 families out of my living room! Today we have over 3000 families, and we share more food with more people!? We support organics more than any other co-op in Houston…but other than that, nothing has changed! We are still 100% volunteer run, and we still share in that same community that created this co-op. Isn’t that COOL?!

When I say “not a service, not a sale,” I mean that literally, we aren’t a service to make a sale. Since no profit is made, there is no incentive to “increase sales” to generate income. We simply want to share food, to share the message of good health, and to share in this amazing community because we know that THIS can change the world!? All the money that you spend goes into your box or into the co-op to help buy necessary supplies. Yes, not even I write myself a paycheck here! Why on earth would I do this you wonder??? The answer to me is quite simple! I shall explain why.

Our world NEEDS inspiration! We NEED more organizations being built for the sake of doing good and giving back to the communities. To GIVE BACK means to give with the intention of not receiving anything in return. Essentially, it’s paying it forward…or should I say “ROC’N” it Forward!!! Back in 1992, a movie came out called “Pay it Forward” in which a child wanted to give back to his community and make the world happy and right before he left it. He wanted to do good for the simple sake of doing something good in the world! How often do you get to find heart-warming people in this world who give without expecting anything in return? How often have you decided to do something selfless for others in your life? Do you do this once a day, once a month, once a year, or once a lifetime? Is it enough? What we get when we give is far greater than we can ever possibly comprehend. We receive blessings that bring us peace and satisfaction with life.

I truly believe that this world NEEDS to see more good being done on a daily basis, and we need organizations that exist solely for the pure good of paying it forward by sharing love and health. We ALL want to see this multiply in our world! If our co-op WAS for profit, it is my belief that the meaning would change completely. People would come expecting a service, and they would come expecting a sale…and that’s not really fun, is it? I LOVE being able to go to co-op, volunteer, sort the shares, participate in story-telling, recipe sharing, and hugs. Organizing the boxes is not only a great workout, but it is truly a labor of love! I believe it makes our food taste even better! We are bringing America back to its roots! More than anything, I love being able to have other individuals right beside me sharing in this passion and labor of love. To know that others appreciate this gift as much as I do is truly a humbling and exciting experience.

All that being said, what we WANT is more community in the co-op because that is what makes US unique. We are ROC stars! When you come to pick up your boxes at co-op, visit with the other families, get to know the volunteers, and give Kristina a hug!? ;)? Since it’s summer, bring your kids so that they can also enjoy in the experience of getting to interact with their food! HAVE FUN playing with your food, and have an even better time EATING it! I hope that you are able to see through this newsletter that WE are a co-operative and NOT your typical “service” or “sale.” We are here to SERVE the community and to ROC it forward! We are more than just about the food, we are about the people, the health, and the experience. We are RawFully Organic! :)

I hope to see ALL of you this week, whether it is to pick up a box or to come and volunteer! You can definitely expect a fresh, yummy summer bounty! We ALL look forward to our overflowing boxes of love! I cannot WAIT to get mine this week! :)

Hugs, hugs, and hugs!