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No Man is an Island of Fruit

February 4, 2013 11:12 am


I hope that you have had a fun and restful weekend! Everything may be busy, but everything feels perfect when the weather is as perfect as it has been lately. The weather has allowed for us to have the most gorgeous greens that we have seen YET this year! This past week, we had everything from bushel spinach to fluffy kale and curly green leaf lettuces! Even the local strawberries tasted sweeter this week! When the weather has good energy, our food has good energy, and we absorb that too!

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Speaking of energy and food, there is so much to be said about the energy that we consume and about the energy that we spread. Many of us have all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” Of course we are! Our cells are composed of the cells that we eat. If we eat fresh, raw, and vibrant foods, we are also all of those elements. However, most people do not see food as a source of energy for the world. By energy, I mean the energy that we possess that affects our surroundings and the world.

We emit energy vibrations on a daily basis to even the strangers passing by us. I am sure that many of you have had the experience of walking by someone and thinking to yourself that they were either interesting or not. I am sure that many of you have bumped into friends or neighbors running errands and thought that they seemed well or not-so-well. I am also sure that many of you understand that different people have different energies. Some people bring a very excited or loving energy to the table, while some may need some “sugaring” up! We all deal with people on a daily basis, but what we don’t realize is that our energies touch one another. Our energies affect one another.

Energies are constantly being exchanged. My energy affects you. Your energy affects me. If we have a conversation, our energies are crossed, and they can shift our days in good ways or bring us growth opportunities. Energies touch. That being said, one may begin to think about the type of energy that one wants to be around all day. Similarly, one even begins to think about the kind of energy that one emits all day long. It is a strange thing to think that our energy can shift the tone or mood of everyone around us, but it is absolutely true! If you are feeling sad or feeling GREAT, then you have the ability to spread this emotion to others, either saddening their day or even making it completely AWESOME! Don’t you wish that you could not only be around FABULOUS and VIBRANT energy ALL day long, but also that you can be a source of this energy ALL day long?! Heck yes!!! And you can!!!

Many people continuously ask me how I get my energy all day long. The answer is simple; yet it is too complex for even my human understanding. The simple answer is pure, raw health. Having been a raw food vegan 100% for almost 8 years, my main source of fuel is my organic produce that comes straight from our boxes. If it is not in the box, it is not in my belly! My other sources of energy include the lifestyle aspects of plenty of physical exercise (which can cause us to FEEL MORE ENERGY), emotional balancing, spiritual grouping, gratitude, sleep, hugs, etc. Health is about the way in which you live, not solely the diet to which you adhere. The healthier that you become, the more? positive changes appear in your life. It is ALWAYS an uphill climb, and fruitfulness surrounds you more and more each day! Your mind cannot clear without a clean body. It simply cannot. When your body is clean, you feel things more deeply, your sense of gratitude is intense, and your energy vibrates at higher levels of awesomeness! Therefore, energy becomes one of the essential elements in how you feel and in how the world feels. Our energy CAN change the world!

Our energy affects the world. What we feel affects the world. Although you may not think it, we all affect each other. No man is a island of fruit, but rather, we are archipelagoes, capable of spreading fruitfulness! Imagine that! Just as the sun, the earth, and the rain work together as a team to create abundance and beauty, we work together to create our communities, our cities, our nations, and the world. No space is too small, and no earth is too big. Think about it. What energy to you want to send out into the world, and what energy do you want to receive? It changes the entire way that you will approach people in your day and even how you may treat yourself. A shift in one’s life begins with a simple thought.

No man is an island of fruit!

We are a network.

We ALL co-operate.

What energy do you want to create?

Start off your day by envisioning the energy that you want to emit all around you. Feed yourself the most colorful fruits and veggies, and even power up with a green smoothie! Kick start your day with a jog or some yoga! Feel the goodness of self-love, and let it invade your day! You will only share this high frequency with others. If you run into an energy-sucker, don’t let them get you down. Feel compassion for them and be sure to put up your blockade, never taking anything personally. Offer help to those in need, and you will feel even more blessed to reach people. Life must always feel good, and we have the power to make it deeply rich for everyone, including ourselves! Lettuce not miss out on this opportunity!

I hope to see you all this week as we enjoy boxes OVERFLOWING with colorful deliciousness! Even the squirrels want to enjoy!

I hope to share this good energy with all of you!

Hugs and love!