My EAT IT RAW Class Recap! | Rawfully Organic

My EAT IT RAW Class Recap!

March 25, 2013 5:12 pm

This weekend was a success! Not only did we have 200 families come Saturday to pick up their huge boxes of Rawfully Organic goodness, but also my EAT IT RAW class this weekend was completely sold-out with 100 attendees! For this 2 hour class, I prepared a 3-course sample meal for each person, using ingredients only found in our ROC’N boxes! Newbies came too, and we even had people drive from places like Austin and out-of-state of come! I feel so honored to be able to share this message of FullyRaw health with everyone, and I cannot wait until the next class on May 5th! I will send out a new newsletter soon for early sign-ups. To sign up for class announcements, free recipes, videos, and more, please sign up for the email newsletters on and

In the class, we covered several topics:

  • Rawfully Organic
  • How I Started Rawfully Organic
  • My Story of Health
  • Branching Out to New Forms of Alternative Health/Medicine
  • Inspiring One’s Family to Eat Healthier
  • How to Eat FullyRaw
  • Exercise
  • Juicing vs. Blending
  • Rawfully Organic Product Merchandise
  • Food Combining
  • Weight-Loss
  • Why People Fail Eating FullyRaw
  • Why Vegan is Important
  • Colon Health / Elimination
  • Easy Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Salad Recipe/ Burrito Buffet Line
  • FullyRaw Carrot Cupcakes
  • Endless FAQ’s for Kristina!

Each person was fed a green smoothie, a FullyRaw Burrito (that they made themselves), and FullyRaw Carrot Cupcakes in honor of my birthday! The entire venue was filled with smiles and gratitude, and I feel nothing but gratitude for having everyone come to enjoy the Sunday afternoon with me. For anyone thinking of coming to one of my classes, please do! The next Summer class will feature all new recipes with a focus on juicing, smoothies, summer weight-loss, co-op involvement, and more! You are welcome, and we discuss all matter of being FullyRaw at hand. For those who were not able to make it, please enjoy these pictures as if you were there! Hope to see you at the next Summer class!