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My California Trip!

July 27, 2012 7:53 am

This past weekend I flew away to California for part of the week, and boy did I enjoy my adventure! I visited friends, made videos, tasted AMAZING fruits, and gave many hugs! This trip was spontaneous and fun, and I got to experience a little bit more of life on the way. I’ve put together a collection of my favorite photos from the trip to share with you all. Some are of me, some are of people, and many are of food! Hope that you enjoy these little snapshots from my trip and little trinket thoughts. Hugs!

When I first arrived in California, I visited this beautiful place behind me, marking my official arrival in the Sunshine State. :)

I visited my friend Drew Canole of, and we made a really fun juicing video together. A cool surprise was that Jay and Linda Kordich (juicing legends) decided to pop in for a visit. We made a quick nut-milk video, and we spent quality time talking and enjoying good conversation.? I’ll be posting these videos soon on my Channel, so please subscribe and keep a look-out for them there! I am SO EXCITED about these! :)

Ok, so I had to make a quick stop for some juice! After-all, I was visiting 5 cities in 4 days trying to see as many of my close friends as I could! I asked the juice bar if they would make my lemon-ginger blast, and it blasted me away! YUM!

Need not forget I stopped by a market and loaded up on some AMAZING figs! Did I mention that I love figs?! Trips are only good when they involve good fruit! Heck yes! We don’t have these figs everywhere in Texas like the Brown Turkeys, so I ate them until my mouth burned…literally! Heaven in my mouth!


No knife, no spoon, no fork, no problem. Dinner just the way nature intended! Had this gorgeous bowl of white peaches, heirloom tomatoes, and kale for dinner one night. Chacho belly very happy!

Before I left San Diego, I got to visit with my newly found soul-sister Alicia! Love her!

I stayed in Costa Mesa with my friend Steph! We enjoyed a gorgeous and sunny run along the pier!

Then, for a brief few hours, I was BLESSED to have met Sheleana and Caleb of, and we spent a beautiful afternoon together chatting! Here is the gorgeous Sheleana here with me now :)

Caleb is taking the pic! 😉

An after run reward…can you see the juice dripping off the end?! Can you see that?! PURE BLISS!!

Shortly after, I visited my friends Dara, Jeff, Robby, and Bryan in LA. We talked about Forks Over Knives and even recipe books and …my bracelets!? I had dinner with them and visited all night! It was truly a magical and fun evening to spend time with so many beautiful people at once!

My last day was spent in Oakland, where I got to visit with my friend Dan and meet his new girlfriend Sophia. We went to the Berkeley Market and loaded up on the most tasty fruits! These were so tasty that I literally bought a whole box to bring with me on the plane!

Don’t tell anyone in the store that I was snitching these! YUM!

Holy Cherries Batman! Pop me one NOW!

Me and Dan doing some Life Regenerating :)

Did I mention that Cherry Tomatoes and Heirlooms are my favorites?!

The perfect ending to my trip was my splurge in the golden colored cherry tomatoes. HEAVEN.

Hope that you all enjoy these photos! I’ll try to add more in as I find them. I am so blessed to be able to have gone to Cali, and I am excited to share this experience with you all. Hope that you can feel the love and taste the amazing fruits through these pics! Sending all my love and hugs! Kristina