My 6 Year Raw Birthday Party! | Rawfully Organic

My 6 Year Raw Birthday Party!

July 11, 2011 6:48 am

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! It was a busy one for many of us! Not only did we have co-op on Saturday with an abundance of fruity deliciousness, but also, I had the great experience of being able to teach my second EAT IT RAW class at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center! The class was completely capped with 60 people and families, and it was truly a great time! Not only did I get to make some RAWSOME recipes for everyone to try, but also I got to share my story via raw foods! I got to relay my learning experiences in being raw to the crowd, and the event had a truly incredible energy to it! I have posted pictures from the event onto facebook for everyone, and I have even included one of the recipes that I made in this week’s newsletter as shown below. It was a fantastic raw birthday gift for me to be able to teach this class!

Speaking of rawsomely awesome energy, on July 15th I will be 100% raw for six years! Yes, that means that I have not eaten cooked foods in 6 full years! Crazy might you think? I have yet to be ill in those years, I run over 6 miles a day, I coach raw, and I love life to its fullest! My energy has shifted and elevated to a place that I never thought possible, and I attribute it to the life in the foods that I eat. Everything that I eat is alive, and this life feeds me to feed others!

Eating raw is all about changing one’s energy. Energy exists on many different levels. For instance, we have energy to do exercise, to function, to think, to breathe, to feel, etc. However, that physical use of energy is different than one’s aura of energy that he or she carries. Have you ever heard someone ask you, “You seem off today, what’s wrong?” Have you ever felt like you weren’t vibrating at as high a frequency as the day before? Were you sluggish and didn’t know why? According to the laws of Quantum Physics, we all have energy, and this energy is affected by our environments, our physical activities, our sleep, our mental states, and our food! While some work so hard to make sure that they are in good states of being, they often forget that FOOD is one of the biggest contributors to how you think, to how you feel, and to how you see the world!

Six years ago I did not see the world as I see it today. My mind has been filled with much more nutrition since then, and my outlook on life is not only more positive, but also more open and understanding to all factors and all living things. When we eat raw and colorful foods, our minds are also filled with those colors! We add color to our lives in more than just our bellies! Even your looking at the colors in your boxes shifts triggers in your brain that create a sense of peace and joy in your mind! Food has the ability to change our energies on many different levels. The higher energy foods that we eat, the more full of life that we feel!

There is not one fruit or vegetable that has higher “energy” than another. Granted, they will all have different calories and nutrient contents, but if you eat seasonally, you will get everything that you need year round simply by eating the variety out of your box. If you are unaccustomed to eating raw fruits and vegetables, all it takes is a few small bites to increase your sense of joy and value in life. So, if you want to feel more energy and a greater sense of happiness, EAT IT RAW! You can do it! :)

All that being said, I will keep this week’s newsletter shorter than usual so that you can enjoy all of the cool pictures and footage from this past week’s EAT IR RAW class! I cannot believe that 6 years has passed since I have been raw! I have nothing in my heart but gratitude and thanks to be on this amazing journey in life with all of you. Next week, I plan to talk about how eating raw actually provides VISION THERAPY to all who even look at the foods. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I have to figure out how to celebrate my raw birthday! If anyone has any wacky or fun ideas, please do share! This could be hilarious!

I hope to see you ALL at co-op this week! The abundance that we have is truly INSANE. This is my favorite season of the year solely because we have the BEST fruits, and we are rawkin’ it up!

Hugs and love!