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More Local Than EVER Before!

April 5, 2010 6:44 am

This weekend had the most amazing energy surrounding it! The sun was shining, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the first taste of warmness in the air! It was my first time to wear shorts all day and to not feel like a breeze was too brisk! Many were also enjoying Easter weekend with their families, so I hope that everyone had the time to indulge in another great holiday!

Maybe it is just me, or maybe I am always excited, but I am over-thrilled to announce that this past week we had more local items in the share boxes than we have EVER had before! More than half of our boxes were local! It is amazing what sunshine and rain can do for any harvest. This also means that more than half of our budget went to local farmers this past week! While that may not sound ecstatic, it has profound impacts on our bodies, in our communities, on our local economy, and in our city!

This also means that the boxes just keep getting better and better! The more participants in the co-op, the more we are able to support local famers. The more that we support them, the more abundance we receive. The more we support them, the more they support us. It is a beautiful cycle! Furthermore, it becomes such a blessing to know that you have home grown, trusted food that will nourish you! In a city where McDonald?s sits on every corner, this changes everything. People always talk about the dishes that their grandmother made, but few actually continue to make them due to numerous reasons. I have seen several recognize this, and although they may not be connecting to their roots, they are trying to achieve a new level of health based upon what they are able to commit to in today?s society. I consider my box a safety net regardless of no matter what else may be happening in the world. It assists me in successfully living my raw lifestyle and in setting new goals for myself each moment. I am challenged, but I learn more with each experience. How can we not grow as individuals in these instances?!

Without my body being nourished, I know that I would not be able to foster my mental or spiritual health as well. When your body is cleansing to be pure, your mind follows. Very often, it can be very difficult to look in the mirror at your own issues and recognize that you are the one that must change. As much as we would love to center our focus on what must change in the outside world, the focus must be drawn inward. We are the only ones that can create the change that we wish to see. Ironically, it is all in our perception. People usually only see the issues in the world that pertain to them the most. When we change, our perception changes. If something inside of us shifts, we will also see this shift in our surroundings. For instance, if you struggle with feelings of hopelessness, you are most likely to notice others or situations with hopelessness in your surroundings, and you will most likely be affected by it. However, if you work on yourself enough to shift this hopelessness into pure joy and gratitude, you will most likely focus on this gratitude more often and see others who hold this attitude in their hearts as well. When we shift, everything around us shifts, and we can then help the world to reach greater levels of change. Imagine the difference we can make if we all simply work on improving ourselves!

This week is too good of a week not to make better. I have decided to look at all of my faults in the eye. I will try to address every issue if it bothers me because I truly want to create goodness, love, and peace everywhere. A dear friend always tells me that if something bothers me, then it is my issue on which to work. Only we can change how we feel about ourselves, about others, and about our surroundings. I can only try to be better today than I was yesterday. Today is a fresh day! We get thrown curve balls so that we can learn from them. They are amazing growth opportunities, and they are placed before us so that we can make our lives and the world more amazing!

If I were a box of vegetables, I would want to be colorful, full of life, crisp, energetic, tasty, local, and vibrant! I can only be this way if I am grown in rich, watered, and nurtured soil. I must also be tended to daily with careful consideration and love. ?Lettuce? do this for ourselves and do this for others so that we can share and grow as one! Lettuce make life be the best that it can be!