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Make Eating Memorial

May 30, 2011 5:40 am

I hope that you are resting and relaxing on this Memorial Day Week! Summer is officially here, and I am sure that you can feel the amazing summer warmth! We had our first white peaches come in on Thursday following with WATERMELONS, cantaloupes, and honeydews on Saturday!! Watermelons make the most memorial Memorial Day weekend! I am sure that all of us can remember growing up and eating a watermelon with our families or grandparents on Memorial Day weekend. This holiday celebrates not only those who have offered their lives for our freedom, but also it celebrates all of the amazing memories that we have in our lives because of that freedom. We are free to have good memories, and we are free to share this gift with others! What is your favorite Memorial Day Memory? What memories in life do you want to create?

When I initially think about Memorial Day, I think about MEMORIES. I think about sunshine, spitting seeds in the sun, the American flag, and…the infamous American pastime revolving around hot-dogs, barbecues, and pool parties. Some of these memories may bring up good emotions for you, and some may not. Ironically, many of us forget to think about the memories that we WILL CREATE in the FUTURE. Can a memory be a future tense? When you look back on your life thirty years from now, how do you want to see your life? Will you be able to say that you achieved all that you wanted to achieve? Were you able to envision your future? Did you live your life to the fullest? Did you fill up your belly with juicy melon?? Did you get the hot body you always wanted? Did you have PERFECT health?

You cannot make a memory unless you have an idea of what you want to Memorialize. Americans knew that they wanted freedom, so they fought for it. If you want freedom in your life–whether it be for your mind or for your health–you have the power in your life to create that freedom! Too many struggle with making bad food choices. They feel victimized to the globalization of mass-produced and packaged foods that “kill” on every corner.? Many individuals feel that they cannot get out of the same rut of eating foods that they KNOW do not make them feel good. What you purchase and what you put into your mouth is a choice. No one else will spoon feed you what you do not want to eat. If you want to create a health change for yourself, JUST DO IT. Take it a day at a time, and incorporate one rainbow meal out of your box. Email me afterwards and tell me how free you feel! Make good eating and eating raw a daily Memorial.

Think about your life in the future tense. Think about your body, mind, and spirit in the future tense.Think about your relationship with your family and friends. Think about your work. Think about your community.? Think about your world. Think about OUR world. When I think about all that I want to create, I think about sharing health with all of you. I have the secret to health, and I cannot hold it within my being! I only wish to share this abundance! I want to manifest an abundance of good health, a plethora of individuals who share this passion with me, success of our beloved co-op, a giant harvest for the entire planet, and a shifted awareness in every mind about eating rawfully-loved foods. I think about not only touching our local friends and families, but everyone–literally, everyone. I want to REACH PEOPLE on multiple levels.? This is a gift to share, and I want to share it!

Summer is here NOW, and it will be gone before you blink. NOW is the time to change anything that brings you even the slightest tinge of unhappiness, especially about yourself or your image. If you have self-doubt, NOW is the time to face your fears and show the world of what you are capable! Can you envision yourself with the perfect body of your dreams or with the confidence of your favorite animal? (I am a sea otter!) Go grab some fruit, and make it a meal! Make every eating experience that you have from this day forward the BEST MEAL EVER. Enjoy each color, each flavor, and each bite. Eating PURE food will fuel your body, mind, and spirit to be free, so live it up!


Now is the BEST time to enjoy the outdoors, the amazing fruit bounty that we receive, and the extra time to spend with family and friends. I don’t think that I have ever been so grateful to have so many beautiful people in my life. You all have enriched me and brought more to our community than solely food. We are the color in the boxes! We are the love that is spread! We are the ROC :)