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Local is LOCAL, and That’s IT!

May 31, 2010 2:53 pm

I hope that you have had a wonderful and FUN Memorial Day weekend! It was the best surprise ever to be able to have local blueberries, local SWEET CORN, and even cantaloupes show up in some of the boxes this week! Thursday saw the berries and cantaloupes, and Saturday saw the corn! The blueberries came from JD Organics, and the peaches came from the Gundermanns. Thank you to both! This coming week, both will have all of these fabulous yummies, and I cannot wait to share them with you all! There is still a possibility that we may see the last of the local peaches, but please don?t hold your breath! I have just added a brand new you tube video of us picking peaches at the farm last Thursday. You can check it out by clicking here! Please don?t squeeze the peaches! 😉

Local ?hype? is so popular right now with summer crops popping up, and so many people are excited for all of the delicious foods that are coming! I am definitely one of these aficionados, and it only makes me want to support local, organic farmers even more! We don?t just buy produce, but we share the best food ever! If it is being grown in Texas organically and if it?s available, I buy it! Many people have asked me about buying more local, and I assure everyone that I always support our local farmers over other sources whenever I can. I always try to create the best variety for our boxes so that we can still get the best of every organic world. I try to make this an all-encompassing box of everyone?s favorite foods so that we can all be so happy. My belly Chacho has been round with rainbows the past week!

You?re not just buying produce; you are supporting families and an entire community! You are feeding your body and your mind with this gift, and this gift spreads to all that surround you. When you feel good about yourself, it?s contagious. Everyone will want to jump into your joy and feel the passion that you spread. We all share in this together! Please don?t be afraid to shine?be THAT change!

What I truly wish to spread to everyone is that in order for one to see more locally grown and organic produce, one must support it no matter what. I ALWAYS buy what is being grown locally from our local organic farmers. When we pay them money for their food, they can use that money to produce more abundant crops. There aren’t many certified organic growers in Texas, but if they are growing it, I typically over buy just to show them some extra love! I?m always watching out for great quality, and I encouraged rich soils for crop nourishment. When the food is better nourished, our bodies are better nourished. If one wants to see more local, he has to support it no matter what.

The co-op aims to support our local farmers even if there is not as much being grown that time of year. I try not to take it personally, but I get SO SAD when I see people not buy produce at all and hurt their health just for the sake of not eating locally. Local is local, and organic is organic, and that?s IT! They are both essential, and we are blessed to have both options! If people want local swiss chard, can they complain that it’s not big enough or that it has a worm hole in it? To me, a worm hole represents REAL food that is shared by all on this earth. I know that may of you may read this and think, ?Gross, Kristina! Worms touched my food?!?,?but don?t you want real food? ??It’s hard to get people to see both ends, but I try my best. Either way, I hope you know that I created this for the best of both worlds, and that local means the world to all of us. It’s apparent in all that the site does and that I do. My heart is here.

Everyone knows that I run this co-op with absolute soul every week, and I do it out of the pure love in my heart. There?s no tainting this passion! I love being able to help everyone every week, and everyone who has seen our operation knows that this is NOT a service or a sale, it is a co-operative. We work together. We share the food. Not even I receive a paycheck, but what I receive is far greater than I can possibly comprehend. Because it is not a business, there may be some blunders from time to time on my end, but I DO try my best, and I always make it right. I run the whole show behind the scenes twice a week.? I will admit that I do fear at times that I may mess up and disappoint someone, but I never let that stop me from using the experience as a growth opportunity to make the co-op better for everyone. I am always moving to improve, and if we work together as a team, the possibilities are endless. Look at everything that we have already accomplished!

This co-op has come to represent LOVE for everyone. We have created true co-operation. There has got to be something that holds everyone together in this world, and communities like this prevail. We all want a haven to call our own, and this is it! Thank you everyone for stepping in and making this the best co-op possible. What we have is so special, and there is no denying it. I consider myself the most blessed person to know all of you, and I am humbled everyday with all of the amazing growth opportunities that are presented to me. Thank you for making this possible and for making our dreams of eating pure joy come true! ?Lettuce? get back to our roots one beet at a time! Hugs!

P.S. The peaches are RIPE off the tree and delicious! If they are bruised, they are NOT bad at all! The smushy ones are the best! Enjoy the delicacy of being able to eat your peaches the same day that they were picked!

P.S. 2. Everyone will have local sweet corn this week. I have seen the corn and tasted its fabulousness; however, I am warning everyone in ADVANCE that you will most likely find a caterpillar or two near the ends. Please don?t freak out or worry, they are still wonderful to eat! They are organic and local!