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Live to Share

January 1, 2010 6:36 am

I hope that you have had a wonderful and warm weekend! For me, it has been a weekend of learning and reflecting, and I have had the blessing to be around sooo many that I love. Being around those that I love has literally showed me so much about myself- good and with room for improvement. When we are around people that are just like us, it is interesting to see our weakest links. It is almost as if we are looking in a mirror, especially when we are with family. We see manifestations of our actions living within them, and there is always so much to learn and to change should we choose to accept the mission to better our lives and even the world.

This past weekend, I broke through a perception of mine that I have held my entire life. I learned that just because others around me may not believe in my lifestyle, my schedule, or my need to share the message of raw foods, it does NOT mean that I need to pretend not enjoy my life while I am around them. In other words, why share in their misery when it is not your misery? Why spread that energy when there is a much greater energy to share?!

Growing up, playing the ?victim? or acting miserable from a ?bad? day was a popular game in my family. On occasion, it can still be a game that is thrown around from time to time. We all have our own family habits in which we participate and may not even know it! I realized that just because others in my family play this game, it does not mean that I have to participate. Someone may comment that they cannot believe that I live my life so ?full to the brim,? and they apologize for me. Without thinking in the past, I have always said thanks and shared in the sympathy until I asked myself, ?Why am I apologizing for my busy schedule?? I LOVE my life!? I began to laugh as I realized that I may share this sense of ?misery? with others, but I secretly LOVE my life—and this is why I live it! Why do I need to share in that misery, when I can share in a joy with myself and spread that joy to others!? We have become actors in the wrong game! Yes, I am living my life to the brim, but I see myself as living with a life overflowing with possibilities and excitement! Who says that being busy is a bad thing? There are absolutely NO limits to anyone?s life, and if you enjoy living your life, share it with the world!

No one is perfect, but we all find ourselves disappointed in our abilities sometimes, whether it deals with our time-management skills, our organization, our communication, etc.? We will think that perhaps we are not good enough or what we do is never good enough, and then we feel hopeless. Sometimes, we feel as if others will have the solution for us, when in reality, we hold the solutions to our own lives. The choice is ours. I used to think that there was a perfect way to do everything, until I realized that life is perfect no matter what. I realized that no matter what I am doing, I am doing it because I truly love it.? If we live our lives in order to share and to give with others, it changes our complete outlook on life. Furthermore, if we live our lives truly for our physical, emotional, and spiritual betterment, we are sharing the greatest possible gift with not only ourselves, but also, we are sharing the gift of health and happiness with others simply by living as an example.

Living with complete acceptance opens a heart for new possibilities, and it brings an abundance of joy into life. Once one opens himself up to all possibilities no matter what, he will find that his perception on life will change as well. We are all boxed inside a limited way of thinking according to society?s standards, and learning to break free from that blocked perception literally breaks through ?impossible? barriers. Who says that something is ?bad?? We all have different perceptions on issues. Life is what we make it. Similarly, life is how we see it. If you see your day as a ?bad? day, then it is manifested as a ?bad? day. I do not believe in bad days, and I do not believe in having ?ups and downs.? I perceive all experiences in life to be growth opportunities, and each experience escalates us upwards in life towards more health, happiness, and abundance! Each day is simply a ______ to learn how to make life more enjoyable for ourselves. The lessons that we learn make life better and better should we choose to accept the lesson and change our habits to create a better life for ourselves and others. What good is a lesson if we do not change to manifest the blessing in our life?

Life is already perfect! Everything that we do, we do because we choose to do it. Every conversation, every task, every thought, we have the power to create magnificence within that moment and to make life enjoyable within every second. Who says that you cannot?!?

Even if there are things in your life that you desperately desire to improve but feel as if you are not in the place in your life to improve them, it does not mean that you cannot try to manifest that in your life at any given moment. We are never stuck in one place. The most beautiful part about life is that we have the choice at every given moment to enjoy our circumstances no matter where we stand. No matter where we are in life, it is perfect. Life can be fun even if you are broke, old, sick, ?miserable,? or even tired. When we come into a place of pure acceptance, we attract wonderful possibilities. We can only create more perfection as we live each day in that mindset. Life is truly perfect should we choose to view it that way. We hold the power of perfection in our own hands.

This Christmas season has already been about sharing and about enjoying time with others?this is so incredibly enjoyable. I cannot even tell you how many people have shown kindness to others, and I have been a bystander of these miracles. Watching others give and being the receiver of any gift has been incredibly humbling. While it may be the season, I am still simply heart-warmed by all of the love that is spread around at this time of year. I hope to share my food with everyone, but also the life-altering power of positive perception. Along with living healthfully, it holds the potential to create a more beautiful world.