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Let Your Goodness Grow!

May 23, 2011 6:26 am

I hope that you had a relaxing and fulfilling weekend filled with happy bellies and great company! Everyone is in local heaven this week! We have officially seen our first local peaches, corn, blueberries, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pickles, basil, squashes, carrots, and more!!! We are also anticipating more cantaloupes and possibly grapes this week! What is not to love about this summer abundance?! We are so blessed to have such beautiful and bountiful food available to us. Please lettuce not forget it, but be able to celebrate it all of the time! A quick announcement for the week will be one request: if you show up early to pick up your share and the volunteers are not done sorting the boxes, please wait patiently until we finish. If you grab your box before, you may not get all of your goodies! Tragedy! The volunteers can only go as quickly as however many helping hands that we have. If you want to come and help sort the shares (and play with your food!), simply show up or visit the volunteer page before you come! All are welcome!

With so much goodness in our boxes this week, it is hard not to feel like goodness is coming into our lives. Our beautiful cornucopias are only reflecting the beautiful bounty of colors that exist within each one of us. As each week passes, I always try to look back and reflect upon something important that I learned that week. This past week, I learned to let goodness grow. I have seen so many struggle this year, and I have experienced changes in every aspect of my life. While change may be scary at times, you will ALWAYS hear me say that I believe in change and that all things happen for a GOOD reason. I truly believe that everything that happens in life is for the betterment of ourselves and our lives. My life is a testimony to show that when we listen to our hearts, this is absolutely true.

Life is an uphill step each day that we are alive. Should we choose to see the greatness in each opportunity before us, we can always progress forward and LET OUR GOODNESS GROW!

Whether you struggle with food, family, life, work, exercise, focus, etc., it becomes irrelevant if your heart is open to change. Anything is possible if we deem it to be.? Let’s face it; we tend to fight off change before we defend it, and sometimes we are closed minded so that we cannot even a the potential outcome of good from change. What if I told you that everything that happens in your day is a message from an angel trying to help you out? Would you listen? Heck yes! We all want little angels sitting on our shoulders guiding us towards greatness and helping us make the best decisions ALL of the time! The truth is that those angels live in our hearts; when we feel carefully, they guide us to feel confident and wise.? While the phrase “listen to your heart” sounds very generic, it has deep potential. These emotions triggered are our compasses, and we hold the steering wheel. What goodness do you want to grow in your life??!

Just like growing a garden, your body, mind, and soul require frequent, tender care. Physically, we require water and nutrients just as plants do. We require time, good soil (foundation), and good company. When we feed ourselves with goodness, our bodies become filled with goodness! How can one not become a beaming body of goodness when he is filled with it?! Similarly, how can one not share goodness with others if he is filled with it?! He will naturally rub off this goodness as if it were a bee spreading pollen from flower to flower!

I have had so many lately confront me to tell me all of the wonderful things that they wish to accomplish with their health and with their lives. I am here to tell you that YOU CAN do all that your heart desires, and this includes getting healthy! If anything, loving your body is the first step! The only way to do that is to eat well and exercise. All else will follow naturally. However, you must be open to the journey, and you must be open to healing and change. Imagine the possibilities of great change! That’s right, imagine your ROC’N body, your positive attitude, your confident aura, your gifts to share with others, and your humble mind. We all have heaps of goodness that exist within us; now, let them out! Nurture your goodness and allow it to grow. Watch this goodness affect all who surround you!

What is ONE thing that you can do to make yourself a healthier person this week? Can you do it? Of course you can! Open your heart, and let your goodness grow! You are not alone in your venture! If you need support, please do not forget that you have a co-op of over 2600 individuals who are probably in the same boat as you, striving to achieve great health and striving to make yourself the best person that you can be!

I hope to see you ALL this week as we celebrate an enormous bounty! I will be celebrating my very RAWfully FULL belly! I can’t wait to see you all!