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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

September 24, 2012 7:13 am

Hippocrates once quoted, ?Let food by thy medicine.? This is truth. In today?s society, too many search for quick ?fixes? or easy ways to fix health problems. I?ve had many individuals ask me lately why I believe that the co-op is important. Although I believe that eating raw is vital and essential, I also believe that many other factors are equally crucial. Allow me to reword this phrase: If food is thy medicine, allow healthful living to be the cure.

The co-op is important for several reasons. Firstly, I believe that access to fresh, organic, and raw food is vital to one?s physical and mental health, especially when it is grown locally. Food is healing to our bodies. Raw foods contain powerful vitamins and minerals that provide our bodies with the tools it needs to regenerate and to thrive. We have all heard the phrase, ?An apple a day?,? but what if we ate more than one apple? Add a banana, a smoothie, and even a salad. Can you imagine how you would feel if you filled up your day with fresh fruits and vegetables? Eating more fruits and vegetables provides benefits such as weight loss, allergy relief, colon cleansing, acne clearing, disease prevention, cancer prevention, and sickness wipeout.? Not to mention, when one eats produce that is local, the food contains higher vitamin/mineral content, and it can provide even more health benefits for us! We feel the difference when we eat the colors of the rainbow. When we eat color, we emanate that color; we glow and shine! Our co-op boxes provide a means for us to have access to a beautiful bounty and variety of organic fruits and vegetables.

Raw foods not only have physical benefits that can help to alleviate or cure sickness, but also they provide mental benefits as well. When individuals come to volunteer at co-op, one of the main comments that I hear is that being around all of the colorful fruits and vegetables makes them feel happy. They say that being around these vibrant colors help them to feel vibrant as well. Even the smells speak to their senses as they interact with fresh food. Recent studies have shown that eating more fruits and vegetables can not only alleviate depression, but also reverse it. One doesn?t have to even eat them to see their benefits; their beauty is eye-candy enough to change your mood!

Our ROC community is so special. When people come to co-op, they see our volunteers, and they see that the people who create our co-operative is what makes us truly unique. Our volunteers come and donate their time: they have heart. This love and passion for food and health is generated by them and sent home in each one of your boxes that you bring home. The food is blessed in a sense with heart, and I believe this is one of the reasons that our produce tastes so rich with life. While the soil may be important, so is the tender care that is given to it as well. Our community supports our co-operative, and without our members, our amazing Rawfully Organic ceases to exist. Being a part of a community provides one with emotional support and friends. Social health is just as vital to one?s mental and emotional stability as the fruits and vegetables we intake?it?s a different type of food!

When we eat plants, we feel more connected to our earth. Spiritually, we feel more connected to everything around us. Just like eating more fruits and vegetables can help us to feel better physically and mentally, eating pure, raw fruits and vegetables can also help us to feel like our purpose on this planet is alive. We feel in tune and inspired. This inspiration is what drives us to improve ourselves and to also help others. When this realization hits, we see that we are all connected?we are all one. When we truly care for our temples (our bodies), we serve not only ourselves, but the world as a whole. No man is an island. What we do for ourselves affects everyone and everything around us. Our choices count; choose healthfully.

If you feel that our small community is a footprint in the sand, think again. Our footprints are merely a chain creating a massive chain in the walk of life. What we do touches everyone that we touch. As our health increases, so does the health of everyone around us. Even if others choose to eat a different path, we have still touched them with the message of health?they have been exposed to what is means to be Rawfully Organic.

Food is thy medicine because it physically cleanses our bodies. Health starts with food, but this agent has the ability to create so much more change. Food has the ability to instigate healing and force. It affects us on all levels because we truly are what we eat. Therefore, make wise food choices. Love your ROC?N boxes because they will love you back on distinguished levels! Rejoice in our beautiful resource and in our amazing community. Thank your body for the ability to heal and to change. Be the change that you wish to see?for your body and for the world and those that you love.

Thank you ALL for creating such an amazing community with us. Without you, Rawfully Organic is not possible. I can only send my love and gratitude to know you and to share such a gift with you! I hope to see you all at co-op this week! Sending you many hugs, lots of love, and abundant fruits and veggies for your dose of weekly ?medicine.?

~Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram