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Leaps of Faith

August 23, 2010 6:34 am

I hope that you have had a great ?last? week of summer! Although we will have plenty of more sizzling summer weather, schools starts so the kiddos will be heading back to school!? We have had an over-abundance of nectarines and plums and MORE, and I am already ready for my next box! It is funny that although I am not starting school tomorrow, I feel the little butterflies in my stomach that lets me know that change is coming soon. I can only be excited because I know that beautiful and truly good things are on the way! :)

Many fear change; however, I have learned to love it. Not many like change because it means that they must adjust their lives to their new surroundings. Sometimes, new situations or circumstances can feel uncomfortable. But, we learn to navigate them so that they can eventually feel contented to us. Once we grow into them, then they feel like our own. By that time, change comes again. Not only does this turning wheel of change keep up honest, but also it gives us life. It challenges us to deal with uncertainty and unrequited curiosities that we may encounter. Why not change? So often we wish for change; yet, ironically, we hold ourselves in the same place of discomfort because it is familiar to us. It is only until we let go of the familiar and take a leap of faith towards the unknown that we can potentially change our lives for the better.

We can only create the life that we want by moving forward and by taking chances. We must experience change. We can only create change by taking new steps and by trying to understand new things. Sometimes, these new things may not work out, but sometimes, they will. Either way, we must experience them so that we find out what works for us. ?With each new step, we get closer to what works best for us. ?We grow.

I can start thinking about all of the things that make the butterflies come alive in my stomach: like a new school year, not having a permanent Thursday home for co-op, or even my having to leave town in September for a week to go to Dr. Graham?s Health and Fitness Week in Seattle. The only thing that can settle me is to simply let go and allow myself to enjoy these experiences no matter what they are or what they may bring. I do believe that things happen for a reason, and that all lessons are brought our way in order for us to be presented with growth opportunities from them. There will always be lessons to learn, but it is how we choose to learn them that makes all the difference.

So whether or not you are nervous about going raw, trying new foods, or opening up your mind to eating healthier, anything is possible. No matter what problem you may find, there are always solutions. Can you see them??? They surround you! Look outside of the box, and open your heart and mind to be purely accepting. You will find yourself flexible and happy with whatever is placed at your feet. The next step is solely to be grateful. The bad only exists if we choose to see it. What may be bad to one person may be fantastic to another. It is all about our perceptions.

Whatever this week may bring for you, I can only hope that you open your heart to new possibilities and that you fear not. Take a leap of faith and try something new for yourself this week. Allow yourself to let go and simply enjoy the ride?flow. ?All will work out perfectly in the end!