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Kristina’s Raw Kitchen Essentials

December 6, 2011 7:48 am

Kristina's Raw Food Kitchen Essentials I hope that you have had a restful, warm, and fruitful weekend! We had an abundant week filled with holiDATES, persimmons, pomegranates, freshly-picked greens, and more! This week will be filled with even MORE abundance and holiday spirit in order to keep you EMPOWERED about making good food choices! The video to your left features my Raw Food Holiday Kitchen Essentials for you to watch! Many have been asking me about ROC Christmas gift cards and for our special Vitamix deal! Please email for details! I’m having WAY too much fun posting new videos and recipes on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel, so please make sure that you are connected with us there for the latest updates! Ya baby!

Some exciting news about this week is that we were featured on ABC Channel 13 LiveWell Network Deals this past Saturday morning! How cool! A special thanks goes to Kat Cosley and ABC 13 for airing us on their show! I will be blasting this video tomorrow!!

EAT IT RAW: Green Juices & Smoothies at Sur La Table with Kristina Carrillo-BucaramI have also just finished up my first series of classes at Sur la Table making Juices & Smoothies, and the next set of classes featuring Salads & Gazpachos will be announced later this week! For those who missed the latest one of me making an EPIC, OXYGENIZING, and LIVELY green juice at Sur la Table, I am sharing it again! In the meantime, I have just made another you tube video to help you shop for “Must Have” items for your holiday tables! Stay tuned because from now until the New Year, I plan to blow you away with all types of cool holiday recipe videos and more! Woo hoo! Gotta love this time of year!

I am keeping this newsletter rather short since we are featuring two new exciting videos!? Next week, I am already excited to talk about “Giving Life Back in a Box” as a gift of love this season. I have been opening my heart up more and more lately while running and while doing yoga, and it has been on my heart for weeks to write this newsletter. I hope that you look forward to reading it!

I hope to see you ALL at co-op this week! Everyone was back from Thanksgiving vacations this week, and the energy at co-op is SO amazing when everyone is there interacting and sharing a piece of their passions and hearts. My heart opens up more and more with each box that goes out. I love spending time with each of you! Thank you for making the time and effort to be a part of this co-op, and thank you for loving it as much as I do.

Hugs and love!