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Kristina’s New FullyRaw YouTube Channel!

March 19, 2012 11:33 pm

Kristina's New FullyRaw YouTube Channel This week is going to be EPIC! Tomorrow, I am going to be on Great Day Houston TV! I will be posting this video clip to my New FullyRawKristina YouTube Channel on Wednesday, so be sure to look out for it and subscribe to see the video! From this day forward, all videos pertaining to raw recipes, inspiration, and education will be posted on this channel, and all videos highlighting the co-op will be on our Rawfully Organic You Tube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to both! Please watch my short new video that explains why!


This Wednesday is my Salads & Gazpachos Class at Sur la Table! There are two spaces left! The class showcases produce from Rawfully Organic and teaches you how to make seven recipes using only ingredients from the boxes! Sign up here!

Strawberries are peaking this week at co-op, and tangelos are overflowing! Luckily, I have made a new recipe using both of these ingredients with some of those greens that you may not know how to use! See the recipe for my Strawberry Cilantro Smoothie! For more raw recipes, please see our Rawfully Organic Recipe Archive!??See what is potentially in the box this week!


As if TV, EAT IT RAW Classes, and Co-op isn’t enough excitement for the week, I have literally just added an entire New Photo Album of the Co-op, Co-operators, and ROC’N produce to our Rawfully Organic Facebook Photo Albums! Please check out this album here! I may have posted a picture of you there! Be sure to “like” the page for weekly updates!

While ROC feeds you the raw, organic produce, my new website FullyRaw is dedicated to inspire and motivate you to be as healthy as you can be! Please visit it and follow it on facebook. I also invite you to friend me (Kristina)! For more inspiration, please see my blog!