Kristina will be on Great Day Houston! | Rawfully Organic

Kristina will be on Great Day Houston!

September 12, 2011 4:51 am

I know I say this EVERY week, but seriously, this has been the BEST week ever! So many amazing things are happening everywhere! All we need to do is open our eyes up to see them surrounding us! This past week we had almost 400 families come to co-op to pick up their “boxes of love,” and we had more new volunteers to come share in this labor of love! Not only that, but I have been invited to spread our “Green Love” on Great Day Houston this Thursday morning at 9 AM before co-op! Please be sure to set your TV’s to DVR our local FOX station! :)

This week more than ever, I want to really encourage those who are on new paths of health. So many of you in co-op lately have been not only eating healthier, but also are attempting to be high raw! I see everyone support each other at co-op, on facebook, and even in meet-up groups! I know many struggle when they first go raw because they are dealing with detox, social pressure, and even habit. Going raw isn’t just about the food, but it is about changing one’s lifestyle in total to achieve greater levels of health freedom. In order to truly be successful at being raw, one must learn to unlearn everything that you know…and live!

Unlearn and live. In order for us to enjoy ALL that this planet has to offer, all that this world has to offer, and all of our gifts within, we must learn to brush off all preconceived notions of ourselves. I see hundreds of people each week, and one of the main comments that I get each week is the following: “Kristina, how are you SO happy ALL of the time?!” The answer although generic, is really quite simple: allow yourself to ENJOY. My belief is that everything around us is good and cannot possibly bring us anything but joy. I have created my reality so that there are no “bad” days, but there are growth opportunities everywhere. We all see life through a different lenz–or perspective–and it is this lenz that determines our emotions towards certain situations. When one sees each experience, each person, each everything as an opportunity to better themselves and to enjoy life THAT much more.

If you want to be raw, simply allow yourself to live exactly the way that you want to live. Make choices that you WANT to make, especially for yourself. If you make a “bad” choice, please do not “beet” yourself up for it. Rather, ask yourself how you can avoid that situation next time and learn from the experience. Grow with these opportunities!

I hope that you all are able to catch the Good Morning Segment, and I hope to see you all this week! If you are able, please come and volunteer to show our boxes some love and life!

Hugs and more hugs!