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Kristina on Great Day Houston!

April 25, 2011 6:32 am

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday weekend! I had a Hoppy time! :)? I thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time in the sun at co-op this week, and I look forward to a bright and sunny week again! We enjoyed fresh strawberries, apples, and more! Since summer is approaching, we will see more fruit in the shares! I have just been informed by Gundermann Farms that peach season is not but two weeks away! HORRAY! I cannot wait!

I have MORE exciting news for everyone! I have been invited to be on television this coming Wednesday morning on Great Day Houston hosted by our wonderful Debra Duncan! I am being brought on to talk about not only Rawfully Organic, but also to share my story and the importance of eating healthy, raw foods! A renown doctor from Chicago is also being brought onto the show to discuss healthier food options with me. We hope to create a special episode that brings hope to individuals and families who may struggle to eat healthier and that introduces them to the raw foods diet. I will be reminding everyone on Tuesday as well so that we can all remember to set our DVRs! If you miss it, I will also post the video clip on our you-tube page shortly after so that you cannot miss it!

Here are the details for my appearance on the show:


April 27th

9-10 AM

(KHOU Channel 11)

Lastly, you may be asking yourself, “No newsletter or inspiration from Kristina this week?!” Sadly, the answer is yes. I normally write an inspirational for everyone to stay motivated in eating raw and in being healthy, but I really wanted to gain everyone’s attention so that he/she can be excited with me about my appearance on TV! I am really trying to spread the word and gain awareness for this event! Last week’s email entitled “A Garden of Faith” is extremely special to me, so if you have not yet read it, please take the time to do so. If you struggle with having faith or confidence in yourself, then hopefully those words of wisdom will help to change your life!

This week is going to be a huge week, and I am sure that many are returning from Easter vacations! I cannot WAIT to see everyone, and I am sure that we will have many new faces to welcome and hug! If you want to come and volunteer, there is nothing as fun as sorting fruits and veggies in the middle of your week! It turns crazy into zen, and we will most definitely need the extra hands! We are bagging all greens to keep them crisp and hydrated in the Houston heat! Eventually, I will need to begin raising money for more biodegradable bags, so if we all give $1, we will raise it easily and quickly! :)? Lastly, I am working to get my Thursday drop-offs a bit earlier. We have new box stickers that will display your name so that you grab the correct box from the designated porch. Enjoy! :)

I hope that you are as excited as I am about my appearance on the show! Please show your support for our ROC’N co-op by either watching or spreading the word this week! We love our co-op so much, and I know that we are all SO blessed to be able to create an awesome change in this city and in the world!

I literally cannot wait to see everyone this week!

Blessings and hugs,