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Get Healthy! Just Do It!

January 17, 2011 6:54 am

We have all heard it before: ?Stop eating unhealthy! Take care of yourself! Exercise! Just do it!? ? Then, why don?t we?

Sometimes, we take words for granted. When one person offers their advice to us or voices their concern, we take it with a grain of salt rather than to heart. Ironically, most of us tell ourselves that we need to be healthier or take better strides; yet, we participate in our own unhealthy doings. Why do we do this you ask? Well, I can share several reasons for you, and I will give you a few great tips to help you overcome these negative habits! It?s time to get healthy!

I am frequently surrounded by people who ask me, ?How are you 100% raw all of the time?! How do you run everyday?!? The truth is that I have made it a part of my lifestyle. It has become an integral part of my life.? I prioritize food and exercise into my daily life no matter what. I plan the night before to make sure my next day goes smoothly. This affects how I feel, and these actions change my dynamic with the world! I want to be in a place of freedom, love, prayer, peace, and rejoice. Therefore, I must keep my body fueling my mind, body, spirit, and voice.

Many are afraid to cross over to greener pastures, and they hold themselves back repeating self-sabotaging ways. Ironically, although individuals want to break free and practice pristine habits, he/she fears the first steps of letting go. Why is it that we fear what we know is good for us? Why do we hold on to that which brings us misery? If we know that a certain change will make us happier, why don?t we just dive in and enjoy the ride?!

Change is different, and sometimes, this uncharted territory can be scary for us. The past way is all that we have ever known and experienced. Uncharted paths are ?new,? and ?new? takes time to adjust. We may feel alone in our endeavors, and we may not have as much support as we feel we could have. However, the ONE person that matters in this equation is ourselves. The secret lies within our own hearts. Bravery is key.

The coolest part about creating change in our lives is creating a channel to influence other people. When we persevere, we can all persevere! When we take better steps for ourselves, no matter what it may be, we have just made the world a better place. We lift up the energy of all around us, including ourselves! Just sharing this gift creates a domino effect for other people. When we gain the courage to truly take care of ourselves and share about this with others, they want to do this too! Can you imagine how awesome the world would be if each person tried to improve his/her self for the betterment of their being?

As the last week of January approaches, people begin to forget their New Year?s goals. I am here to remind you to make them real before the year passes you! Write down your goals again and again and look at this list daily. The more you see it, the more you say it aloud, and the more you share it with others, the more real that it will become in your life. With proper communication and planning techniques, easy execution takes place. There are a million excuses that you can tell yourself, but there is only one way to see results: just do it.

Even I need inspiration sometimes, and when I do, I tell others exactly what I would want to hear.

  1. You are safe, supported, and loved. Take a deep breath!

  2. You are kind, funny, warm-hearted, and appreciated. You can do this!

  3. You have nothing to lose! Walk forward in faith!

  4. You?re new life is awaiting you! Take the steps!

  5. JUST DO IT!

We create our lives, and we choose how to live them.? What do you want in your life? Now is the time, and yes, it?s a better time than ever! If you wait, it will wait. We are all in this together. We all have our own personal goals to achieve, and when we do them together, we create safety nets of true love. I am so blessed to have you all as my co-op family, and I cannot wait to create more awesome change this year! Do it!